Stack Type Distributor or Lower Nozzle


Top distributor 1.05″ RS opening, 0.20 mm slot opening, for tanks up to 24″ in diameter

Product images are demonstrative and may vary from the physical product.


1.5″ Stak Top Distributor or Nozzle

Code Part Number Description Flow (gpm) Tank Valve Clack Fleck/Bajonet
P_049146 AQT-TD-MV2 5.5″ X 3.5″, 1.5″ Thread 70 – 85 14″-36″ AQT-MSV-2
P_049147 AQT-TD-1199 5.5″ X 3.5″, 1.5″ Sprocket 70 – 85 14″-36″ AQT-285

Code Part Number Description Flow (gpm) Tank Valve Clack Fleck/Bajonet
P_049148 AQT-BD-1196-07 3″ x 3.5″, 1.5″, Cementitious 40 – 50 14″-16″ AQT-285 D1196-07
P_049149 AQT-BD-1197-07 6″ x 3.5″, 1.5″, Cementitious 16″- 24″ 14″-36″ AQT-285 D1197-07

Nozzles are used in solid/liquid or solid/gas separation. their design and quantity will vary depending on the application and the customer’s flow requirements. The nozzles also allow a more efficient use of the treatment media. Common applications include:

– Manifolds and manifolds installed uniformly across a plate or lateral arrangement

– Demineralizers, water softeners and pressure or gravity sand filters.

Stack type top distributor for top valves. Stack diffusers are designed to diffuse or separate the flow at the water inlet when the distributor is not in use. Available with screw or threaded valve connections.


3.5″ stack diameter by 5.5″ height for a 1.5″ riser tube