OneFlow ScaleNet to prevent hardness and scale build-up


OneFlow ScaleNet is a treatment to prevent tartar and scale without regenerating with salt.

This system only prevents scale buildup due to hardness in the water. It does not remove calcium and magnesium only prevents it from fouling.

Ideal for:


Coffee makers

Steam furnaces

Cooling towers



Water re-circulation systems.

Product images are demonstrative and may vary from the physical product.


Recommended for residential or commercial installations, high water flow or continuous flow.

Water conditioning system for hardnesses up to 25 grains per gallon, no salt, no backwashing and no electricity!

OneFlow ScaleNet transforms minerals into harmless crystals that travel through pipelines without becoming encrusted

Lifetime of the OneFlow ScaleNet media is 3 years.

The flow through the OneFlow ScaleNet system is bottom-up. Therefore, the input and output connections are as follows

different from traditional water treatment equipment.

The flow rate should not exceed the specified maximum flow rate of the system. A flow restrictor can be placed for applications where the flow may exceed the specified maximum.


10 GPM, 7 “x44″ Tank, 1” Connection, Media: 2.5lts.

12 GPM, 8 “x44″ Tank 1” Connection Media: 3.0lts.

16 GPM, 9 “x48″ Tank 1” Connection Media: 4.0lts.

20 GPM, 10 “x54″ Tank, 1” Connection Media: 5.0lts.

30 GPM, 12 “x52″ Tank, 1” Connection Media: 7.5lts.

50 GPM, 14 “x65″ Tank 2” Connection Media: 12.5lts.

75 GPM, 16 “x65″ tank, 2” connection Media: 19.0lts.

Operating conditions:

– Minimum pressure of 15 PSI

– Maximum pressure of 125 PSI

– Minimum temperature of 34 M

– Maximum temperature of 48 °C ( 120 °F )

– Water pH range 6.0 to 9.0

– Maximum feed water hardness is 25 grains per gallon.

– Pre-treatment is required if hydrogen sulfide, iron and manganese are present.

– Chlorine maximum 3 ppm,- Chlorination is recommended.

– Oil and grease must not be present

– Warning – Do not exceed the specified flow rates.

– Residential systems are designed for intermittent flow, for commercial systems use continuous flow.

Installation instructions:

1. The system should be placed on a flat, smooth surface.

2. Install fittings and/or shunt (see separate instructions).

3. Connect the incoming cold water to the system inlet.

4. The system output will be connected to the house water service.

5. Partially open a valve downstream of the system to allow bleed air to be released.

6. Slowly turn on the inlet water and allow the system to fill up.

7. Close the purge flow valve five minutes after all air has been purged.

8. Check for leaks and repair as necessary.

9. The system is ready for use.