Purolite C100E Cation Exchange Resin for Water Softeners


Why use Cation Exchange Resin Purolite C100E?

– Effective regeneration

– High kinetic performance

– Applications in industries (pharmaceutical, food, beverages), drinking water, among others – High kinetic performance


Product images are demonstrative and may vary from the physical product.


Purolite C100E resin for water softener.

Purolite C100E Resin is a high-capacity resin with incredible kinetic performance, designed especially as a water softening and demineralizing system, it is widely used in industrial, commercial and domestic applications.

Water softening is a process that uses ion exchange resins to minimize the concentration of calcium and magnesium ions, these metals have the potential to cause insolubility problems in everyday water uses by forming calcium and magnesium carbonate scales, therefore Purolite C0100E Resin offers the widest range of strong acid cation gel polymeric resins.

On the other hand, Purolite C100E Resin offers outstanding physical resistance and a wide range of properties in every performance condition, especially as a water softener and demineralizer.


Polymer composition Cross-linked polystyrene gel with divinylbenzene
Shape Spheres
Functional group Sulfonic acid
Ionic form Na+
< 300 µm (max.) 1 %
Total capacity (min.) 1.9 EQ/L (41.5 Kgr/ft³) (Na+ form)
Coefficient of uniformity (max.) 1.7
Specific gravity 1.27
Reversible swelling, Ca2+ → Na+ (max.) 8 %
Reversible swelling, Na+ → H+ (max.) 10 %
Maximum temperature 120 °C (248.0 °F)
Weight (approx.) 800 – 840 g/L (50.0 – 52.5 lb/ft³)
Sphere size range 300 – 1200 µm
Moisture retention 46 – 50 % (Na+ form)