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Hard water removal systems

Hard water is one of the main problems for industrial processes and residences.

What is hard water and what’s its impact?

Hard water has a high content of dissolved salts and minerals (magnesium and calcium). These mineral salts accumulate and build up in the form of calcium carbonate deposits inside industrial boilers and commercial equipment and parts. This scale decreases equipment efficiency and increases energy costs.

It also reduces machine performance and causes clogged pipes, which impacts your company’s bottom line.

Importantly, commercial anti-fouling systems are designed for higher flow rates than water softeners.

Zerosarro System

Speaking of ZeroSarro® systems, they differ from conventional softener systems in the following points:

  • Prevents and removes limescale without chemicals. (Does not require salt for regeneration)
  • No maintenance needed
  • Regular operation free of charge and good for the environment.
  • Electricity-free, no water waste.
  • Self-sufficient, it does not require a user to program or operate it.
  • Preserves healthy minerals.
  • Simple installation requiring no drainage or electrical connections.
  • Eliminates existing incrustations.
  • No impact on plants and lawns.

Installation of a Zerosarro antifouling agent

Regarding installation: The system comes complete with a ZeroSarro® media charge, ready to be installed and commissioned.

It requires only a simple hydraulic connection for the tank inlet and outlet. Check the operating pressure range, temperature and water chemistry limits prior to installation and commissioning.

In case of conditions outside the operating parameters indicated in this manual, make the necessary corrections before installation and commissioning.

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