Megapol E – Wood powdered activated charcoal


Pine wood activated carbon, smaller than 200 mesh, activated with phosphoric acid. It is an economical product, with a tendency to macroporosity and, therefore, indicated for the decolorization of liquids.

Product images are demonstrative and may vary from the physical product.


Powdered activated carbon for liquid decolorization or water treatment.

Raw material: Pine wood

Particle size : 90% pass 325 mesh

Presentation : 20 kg bags


Drinking water treatment

Discoloration of liquids

Powdered activated carbon for water

Megapol E is a powdered activated carbon of vegetable origin. It is a product specially designed for application in water purification.

Due to its characteristics, this product can also be used in processes that do not require high levels of purification, for example. Discoloration of edible products.

Activated carbon to remove color from liquids.