Carboro – Activated Carbon for Gold Recovery


Coconut shell granular activated carbon for gold recovery.


Granular activated carbon recovery of gold and other metals

Raw material: Coconut shell

Particle size range (mesh): 8×16

Presentation: 25 kg bags, 100 kg bags, 500 kg super bags.


Recovery of gold and precious metals.

Carboro is a granular activated carbon specifically designed for the recovery of gold and silver cyanides in gold and silver recovery circuits. It is manufactured from coconut shell, a raw material with which the maximum hardness available on the market is obtained. This is essential because it minimizes the erosion of the carbon, thus avoiding valuable losses of the adsorbed product.

Carboro has a large surface area composed of about 95% of micropores whose size is appropriate for retaining the aforementioned metal complexes. Likewise, this carbon is produced in different particle size ranges that allow each user to choose the one that provides the highest adsorption kinetics, according to the hydraulics of their process.

Carboron’s physical properties make it the most suitable carbon to resist elution processes and acid washes at various temperatures, as well as thermal reactivation. With this product, it is possible to optimize any of the advanced precious metal recovery processes, including heap leach, carbon-in-pulp (CIP) and carbon-in-leach (CIL).

Carboro can be delivered pre-washed and free of fine particles – in this case it is called CARBORO LF – to avoid the need for backwashing in mines that do not have the appropriate facilities for this operation.