CPA2, CPA3, CPA5, CPA6 and CPA7 Hydranautics composite polyamide membranes


CPA2, CPA3, CPA5, CPA6 and CPA7 Hydranautics polyamide composite membranes

  • CPA2-4040
  • CPA3
  • CPA5-LD-4040
  • CPA5-LD
  • CPA5 MAX
  • CPA6-LD
  • CPA6 MAX
  • CPA7-LD-4040
  • CPA7-L
  • CPA7 MAX


CPA2, CPA3, CPA5, CPA6 and CPA7 Hydranautics composite polyamide membranes

Ultrapure water is essential in several industrial applications. Hydranautics CPA membranes are considered the industry standard for all critical high purity applications, from pharmaceuticals to energy.

Hydranautics CPA reverse osmosis membrane lines are available in a variety of sizes and offer unmatched performance with the highest salt rejection rates for brackish water applications. High efficiency, high performance and cost effectiveness make Hydranautics CPA membranes the best high rejection brackish water reverse osmosis membranes in the industry.

Due to their exceptionally high salt rejection, Hydranautics CPA membranes are used in the power generation, pharmaceutical, electronics and semiconductor industries. Hydranautics CPA reverse osmosis membranes are the best choice for critical high purity and high quality brackish water applications in industry.

CPA2-4040 is a high rejection reverse osmosis membrane, available in a 4-inch diameter.

CPA2-4040 membrane data sheet

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The CPA3 is the third generation of high rejection reverse osmosis membranes for brackish water introduced in the late 1990s. This membrane, with 99.7% rejection, is an improvement over the CPA2 with 10% more membrane surface area (400 sq. ft.). This has reduced capital costs by requiring fewer pressure vessels and less space.

CPA3 membranes also have a thicker feed spacer (34 mil) that has a higher tolerance to suspended solids in the feed water.

The CPA3 membrane is available in 8.0 inch diameters.

CPA3 membrane data sheet

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CPA5-LD is the fourth generation CPA brackish water high rejection RO membrane. This 400 sq. ft. membrane with 99.7% rejection was an improvement to the CPA3 membrane, as it is designed with low differential pressure LDTM. Offers improved rejection of all ions, including silica and nitrates.

CPA5-LD membranes use a patented 34 mil thick feed separator that increases membrane cleaning efficiency.

As a result, the CPA5-LD membrane does not need to be cleaned frequently, which reduces the cost of treatment, while offering extreme durability and consistent performance.

CPA5-MAX membranes have 440 square feet of membrane area and are ideal for RO polishing and low fouling applications. This larger membrane area can reduce capital costs by requiring fewer pressure vessels and less floor space.

The CPA5-LD membrane is available in 4.0 and 8.0 inch diameters and the CPA5-MAX membrane is available in an 8.0 inch diameter. In summary, CPA5-LD and CPA5-MAX membranes offer significant improvements in performance and efficiency, and are ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.

CPA5 membrane data sheet

Model CPA5-LD-4040: Download

Model CPA5-LD: Download

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CPA6-LD is the fifth generation CPA brackish water osmosis membrane and has the best rejection of previous generations (up to 99.8%). This 400 sq. ft. membrane operates at a higher feed pressure than CPA5-LD, but has the highest rejection in the CPA family.

CPA6-LD membranes are designed with LDTM low differential pressure technology designed to minimize colloidal fouling. They have a membrane area of 37.0 m2 (400 ft2 ). The use of CPA6-LD results in cost savings while obtaining high membrane rejection.

CPA6-MAX has the same high rejection membrane as CPA6-LD, but features a 10% increase in membrane area to 440 square feet. CPA6 MAX is the preferred choice for feed waters of low turbidity and sediment density index such as brackish well waters.

CPA6-LD and CPA6-MAX membranes are available in 8.0 inch diameters only. In summary, CPA6-LD and CPA6-MAX membranes are an excellent choice for brackish water applications and offer high performance and efficiency, resulting in cost savings and increased durability.

CPA6 membrane data sheet

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The CPA7 series is the latest generation of brackish water reverse osmosis CPA membranes that offer the highest salt rejection in the industry. These ultra-high rejection reverse osmosis membranes are designed to meet the highest water quality requirements.

When ultra-high purity water is required in difficult water conditions, CPA7 membranes provide the best combination of high rejection and high flow capacity in a brackish water RO element compared to all commercial brackish water RO elements.

The LD variant of these membranes using LD® technology is available in 4″ (CPA7-LD-4040) and 8″ (CPA7-LD) diameters. The CPA7 MAX membrane has an active membrane surface area of 440 square feet (40.9 m2), which reduces capital costs by requiring fewer pressure vessels and less floor space.

In summary, CPA7 membranes are the ideal choice for those seeking maximum water purity in difficult water conditions. With their high salt rejection and flow capacity, these membranes offer superior performance compared to other commercial brackish water RO elements. In addition, the LD variant of these membranes offers even more options and flexibility in terms of membrane diameter. The CPA7 MAX membrane is also an excellent choice for reducing capital costs by requiring fewer pressure vessels and less floor space.

CPA7 membrane data sheet

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Model CPA7-LD: Download

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