AP-10XB-1127 AquaPak AP-10XB-1127 motor pump


Type of product Surface pump for clean water
Series AP
Sectors of use Home, Retail
Includes 0.30 m power cable
Continuous/intermittent service Continuous service
Warranty 2 years
Pump type Peripheral pump


AquaPak AP-10XB-1127 peripheral motor pump AP-10XB-1127 peripheral

The Aqua Pak AP-10XB-1127 motor pump features a peripheral vane impeller for radial flow, as well as an anti-blockage insert for increased performance in clean water pumping.

Characteristics of the water pump motor:

– Enclosed, air-cooled engine
– Asynchronous, two poles
– IP 44 protection
– Class B insulation
– Continuous service
– Built-in thermal protection
– Drip-proof on/off switch and power cable
with plug (plus version only)

AquaPak water pump specifications:

Engine type Asynchronous closed motor
Number of stages 1
Nominal HP 1 HP
Kilowatts 0.75 kw
Feeding phases 1
Supply voltage 127 Volts
Voltage tolerance ± 10 %
Power frequency (hertz) 60
Amperage (A) 10.5
Thermal protection Incorporated
Number of poles 2-pole (3,450 RPM)
Type of refrigerant Fan cooled
Insulation class B
IP protection IP44
Mechanical seal / oil seal Mechanical seal
Suction 1″
Download 1″
Connection type Thread
Thread type NPT
Male/female thread Female
Suggested minimum suction pipe diameter (inches) 1.25″
Nominal flow 20 lpm
Flow range 0.18 – 0.75 lps / 11 – 45 lpm
Load range (meters) 10 – 50 m
Self-priming (meters) 8 m
Maximum water temperature (°C) 60
Pump body material Cast iron
Shaft material Stainless steel AISI 416
Suction material Cast iron
Discharge material Cast iron
Impeller material Brass alloy
Mechanical seal material Carbon / Ceramic
Dimensions (height, width, depth) 184 x 135 x 288 mm
Weight (kilograms) 9.7 kg

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