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Activated carbon in the cosmetics industry

In recent years there is a component that has been used for all kinds of products, that component is activated carbon, and its application has been used in an exaggerated manner in various products ranging from activated charcoal masks up to foodstuffs containing the same in their preparation.

Carbotecnia is a leading company As we are manufacturers and sellers of activated carbon made from different types of wood, we believe it is our responsibility to help people separate whether activated carbon really works from the exaggerated amount of products that are being manufactured with this mineral.

So during this article we will show you in what kind of products activated charcoal is useless and is only used for marketing purposes.

Activated charcoal mask (peel off)

A product that has been in fashion during the most recent years are the activated charcoal masks and this is thanks to the fact that they became viral on platforms such as Instagram or Tik Tok, surely you saw a video on these social networks of someone suffering to remove the mask and you thought I want to do it too!

Well, the function of this activated carbon mask is to absorb oil from the skin and eliminate the famous blackheads to achieve a more even skin tone and reduce pore size. It all sounds great but the truth is that activated charcoal has no sebum regulating capacity (vegetable oils that regulate the production of sebum in the skin) and that is why the effect of the use of activated charcoal masks is totally temporary, there are better products on the market without the need to add activated charcoal to them.

Skin that produces a lot of oil needs products that help regulate oil, as well as complementing it with an appropriate cosmetic routine. Therefore, if you think that with the activated charcoal mask your face will have noticeable changes, the truth is that in the long term it will not produce any effect and you are spending on a product that has been inflated by marketing to appear more useful than it really is in that area.woman with atevated carbon mask peel off

Exfoliating activated charcoal mask

In addition to the masks mentioned above, there is an alternative, which are a wide range of exfoliating creams with activated charcoal, which are considered to be less aggressive when applied to the face and can be easily removed by rinsing the face with water.

Despite its great commercial success, we are sorry to have to tell you that its function to remove impurities and cleanse blackheads is almost null because it can improve the appearance at first glance, but the reality is that the cleaning is even less deep than in the activated carbon peel off mask, therefore as we said previously it is best to use specific products that are specially formulated for this type of facial treatment.activated carbon exfoliating

Daily facial cleanser

Activated charcoal masks are not the only way it can be used facially as the industry has also marketed it as an everyday cleanser. It can be found as in gels or in solid presentation that dissolves with water, in this case experts in the cosmetic world say that in order for it to these products must be used by people who have very oily skin, otherwise the product will not work properly. can be harmful to dry skin and cause an imbalance of the hydrolipidic film.

So if you have an excessively oily face, this product may be a little beneficial, but there are really better options on the market that do not make use of activated charcoal as a commercial hook, if you have already decided to make use of products of this style. it is always recommended to be advised by experts in dermatological matters to make a better use of these products or to recommend others with greater effectiveness.Men washing his face

Toothpastes and tooth whiteners

This product, as well as activated charcoal masks, has been the subject of a variety of videos and viral posts on all social networks, the truth is that no one talks about how it really works and whether its use can be harmful to our dental health. In the contents that we can see on social networks, it seems that this product is a really effective and accessible whitener for anyone who wants to whiten their teeth without having to go to a dentist.

The truth is that numerous oral health experts suffer every time they see an audiovisual content in which this type of product is used, since claim that this type of toothpaste can actually damage tooth enamel. as it is such an aggressive product, in fact they specify that it can damage the layers of the teeth causing a counterproductive effect by exposing the dentin, which is the layer that gives a yellowish color to our teeth.activated charcoal toothpaste


What must be understood is that activated charcoal is an organic matter adsorbent that when used for cosmetic purposes may at first appear to act positively by adsorbing cells, matter, dirt and grease that is stored or accumulated in our pores or teeth, but the reality is that activated charcoal does not distinguish between good and bad organic matter.

This mineral fulfills its abrasive function but it takes away both the good and the bad, which is why its use in humans is not necessary or useful unless it is for to treat a case of severe intoxication in which it is really necessary to adsorb all the harmful compound that we may have inside the stomach, yes as you read it the only really functional and proven use of activated charcoal in humans is to treat cases of intoxication and it is even the number one material to treat patients with these problems worldwide.

So before buying again a product containing activated carbon, think about the fact that its functionality within the product is almost null and void and it is only there to cost a little more because it is black and looks like something interesting in the market.

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