Panda Automatic Chlorine Dosing System

Panda automatic chlorine dispenser with a capacity of 2kg (8 tablets load).

Product images are demonstrative and may vary from the physical product.


The Panda automatic chlorinator is an in-line doser that is installed directly on the pool water return pipe, allowing it to operate without the need for additional hoses or connectors.

The chlorinator has a control valve to regulate flows.

Directions for use:

  • Before using the automatic chlorinator, ensure proper balancing and conditioning.
  • The approximate residual chlorine concentration is 1.0 to 1.5 ppm. (According to the chemical manufacturer’s instructions).
  • Chlorine residual should be checked daily, adjust the valve to add more or less chlorine according to your needs.
  • The chlorine needed for the pool depends on the use, temperature, sunlight, etc. Initially you should check the chemical levels to determine the proper chlorine load and adjust the control valve correctly to dose the chlorine required for your need.

To avoid unexpected technical problems, please read the equipment safety instructions before operating or servicing the equipment and the following recommendations are given:

  • Do not allow children to handle this product.
  • Cover your eyes and skin while servicing equipment.
  • Do not inhale fumes from the chlorinator or chemical containers.
  • The chlorine dosing unit may be under pressure.

Use only 3″ diameter tablets of low dilution Trichloro-S Triazinetrione.

– Never use fast dissolving chlorine tablets.

– Never mix Trichloro-S Triazinetrione Tablets with Calcium Hypochlorite, or any other form of concentrated chlorine or other chemical.

Model 012-003-A-005
Chlorinator type
Tablet loading
Connection diameter (inches)
NPT thread (male / female)
Maximum operating pressure (psi)
Construction material
8 tablets
2 kg
Control valve