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Activated Carbon Manufacturers from Mexico

If you don’t know where to buy activated carbon? We are manufacturers of activated carbon since 1987 and offer for sale from Mexico. We help you to select the most suitable activated carbon for your process.

What is activated carbon?

Activated carbon is porous carbon that traps compounds, mainly organic, present in a gas or liquid. It does so with such effectiveness that it is the purifying agent most used by human beings.
Organic compounds are derived from the metabolism of living organisms, and their basic structure consists of chains of carbon and hydrogen atoms. These include all derivatives from the plant and animal world, including petroleum and the compounds obtained from it.
The property of a solid to adhere a flowing molecule to its walls is called “adsorption”. The solid is called “adsorbent” and the molecule, “adsorbate”.

Where to buy activated carbon for water filters in Mexico?

If you are wondering: Where to buy activated carbon?

Carbotecnia is located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, we sell and ship coal throughout Mexico and abroad.

Request your quotation by phone at +52 33 3834-0906, by mail at [email protected], or, through this form.

In what applications can activated carbon be used?

Activated carbon for water filters:

The main application of activated carbon is water purification (carbon retains pesticides, greases, oils, detergents, disinfection by-products, toxins, color-producing compounds, compounds originating from the decomposition of algae and plants or from animal metabolism, etc.).

After water purification – which aims to retain contaminants in a liquid – there is no single purification process with more applications than activated carbon. Among them are:

  • Deodorization and air purification (e.g., in cartridge respirators, air recirculation systems in public spaces, drainage vents and water treatment plants, paint application booths, spaces that store or apply organic solvents, etc.).
  • Treatment of acutely poisoned persons (activated carbon is considered the “most universal antidote”, and is applied in emergency rooms and hospitals).
  • Sugar refining (the carbon retains the proteins that give color to the cane juice; the fundamental objective of this process is to prevent the sugar from fermenting and spoiling).
  • Discoloration of vegetable oils (such as coconut oil), corn glucose and other food liquids.
  • Discoloration and deodorization of alcoholic beverages (such as grape wines and distillates of any origin).
  • Gold recovery (gold that cannot be separated from minerals by flotation processes is dissolved in sodium cyanide and adsorbed on activated carbon).


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Carbotecnia manufactures the highest quality activated carbon for different industrial uses.

With more than 20 years of experience in activated carbon applications, we are the best choice for your projects.

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