HighStrength FAST Wastewater Treatment Plant (900 to 9,000 GPD)


HighStrength FAST® wastewater treatment plant

Treats from 3,400 to 34,068 liters of wastewater per day. (900 to 9,000 GPD)

Efficient and reliable solution for wastewater treatment. Our treatment plant with HighStrengthFAST® is the ideal choice for effective wastewater management and purification.

At Carbotecnia, we offer innovative and environmentally friendly solutions that guarantee exceptional results.


What is a High Strength FAST wastewater treatment plant and how does it work?


HighStrengthFAST® is an advanced wastewater treatment system developed by Biomicobics. This treatment plant uses state-of-the-art technology to accelerate the process of organic matter decomposition and efficiently remove pollutants. With FAST® technology, you get a highly effective wastewater treatment plant that meets the highest quality standards.

The wastewater treatment system that uses the Fixed Activated Sludge (FAST) process to break down organic matter and nutrients in wastewater.

A treatment tank containing the HighStrengthFAST module receives wastewater from the facility and is usually placed downstream of a primary settling tank or septic tank. The HighStrengthFAST module contains fixed media blocks and a patented air lifting device placed inside a rectangular casing.

HighStrengthFAST media is selected for solids loads and blowers are chosen for intensive aeration.

Available plants HighStrength FAST

Type of plant
Number of people
Volume / Module
About design
~900 GPD (3407 LPD)
About design
~1500 GPD (5678 LPD)
About design
~3000 GPD (11356 LPD)
About design
~4500 GPD (17034 LPD)
About design
~9000 GPD (34068 LPD)

GPD = Gallons per day

LPD = Liters per day

How does the fixed activated sludge WWTP wastewater treatment work?


The FAST (Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment) system is an advanced technology for WWTP wastewater treatment using a fixed activated sludge process. This method combines the principles of biofilm and activated sludge systems to efficiently treat both domestic and industrial wastewater. Here’s how it works:

  1. Wastewater intake: Wastewater enters a treatment tank where there are fixed media, usually plastic, which serve as a surface for the adhesion and growth of microorganisms.
  2. Biofilm formation: In these fixed media a biofilm develops, a layer of microorganisms that adheres firmly. This biofilm decomposes the organic matter present in the wastewater. The advantage of this system is that the microorganisms are attached, which allows maintaining a high concentration of biomass in the reactor without the risk of being washed away with the water flow.
  3. Oxygenation: To facilitate the decomposition process, the system needs oxygen. Blowers located above ground level, which is the only moving part in the treatment process, introduce air into the air lift, resulting in a robust recirculation of oxygenated water throughout the submerged medium. This promotes the metabolic activity of aerobic microorganisms in the biofilm.
  4. Phase separation: As wastewater passes through the biofilm media, microorganisms break down contaminants. The treated water then flows out of the tank, while the solids (sludge) can be periodically removed and further treated or disposed of safely.
  5. Sludge treatment and disposal: Excess solids settle to the bottom of the tank, where they are stored for intermittent disposal. These solids can be further treated by aerobic or anaerobic digestion, dewatering, and other methods prior to disposal or reuse.

industrial wastewater FAST plant

Benefits of the HighStrengthFAST® wastewater treatment plant


  • High efficiency: Our treatment plant is characterized by its efficiency in the removal of contaminants and suspended solids, which guarantees high quality treated water.
  • Compact and modular: HighStrengthFAST® is a compact and modular solution, making it easy to install and adaptable to different spaces and treatment capacities.
  • Energy savings: Thanks to its innovative design, this system requires low energy consumption, which translates into significant savings in operating costs.
  • Low maintenance: The HighStrengthFAST® treatment plant is designed to be low maintenance, which reduces the expense and time required to care for the system.
  • Environmentally friendly: Contributes to environmental conservation by reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices.

Why choose the HighStrengthFAST® wastewater treatment plant?


  • Experience and track record: Biomicrobics has extensive experience in developing innovative solutions for wastewater treatment. Our commitment to quality and excellence makes us an industry leader.
  • Advanced technology: HighStrengthFAST® integrates state-of-the-art technology that guarantees superior results in wastewater treatment.
  • Regulatory compliance: Our treatment plant complies with current regulations and standards, ensuring safe and legal operation.

Sanitary wastewater treatment applications


  • Residential and real estate developments: Our treatment plant is ideal for residential communities and real estate developments looking for an efficient and cost-effective solution for wastewater treatment.
  • Industry: HighStrengthFAST® is a reliable option for industrial wastewater treatment, helping companies comply with environmental regulations and protect resources, reuse and save water.
  • Tourism and hospitality: Resorts and hotels can benefit from this system to maintain high quality standards in the treatment of their wastewater.
  • Institutions, schools and universities: HighStrengthFAST® is also suitable for institutions and educational facilities seeking sustainable, low-impact wastewater treatment solutions.

When it comes to commercial wastewater treatment, the HighStrengthFAST® solution stands out for its simplicity, economic efficiency and durability. Designed to meet the most demanding commercial property challenges, this scalable system offers exceptional performance, even with biological loads and much higher levels of fats, oils and grease than standard sewers. In this article, we will explore how to install it and how to find the right size to meet the specific needs of your business.

In conclusion, HighStrengthFAST® is the smart choice for commercial properties looking for an efficient and reliable wastewater treatment solution. With its versatile installation and customizable design, this system excels in specialized applications, providing exceptional results for the long-term success of your business. Contact us today and find out how HighStrengthFAST® can transform wastewater management at your commercial facility.

At Carbotecnia, we are committed to excellence and environmental sustainability. The HighStrengthFAST® wastewater treatment plant represents a smart and responsible investment for proper wastewater management. Contact us today and find out how we can help you achieve effective water management!

Efficiency and durability for business, industry and homeowners

HighStrengthFAST® is the ideal choice for restaurants, schools, residential condominiums, office buildings and other applications with high levels of high intensity debris. All underground and without unpleasant odors

Its robust design and its ability to adapt to extreme environments make it a reliable and versatile solution for commercial wastewater treatment.

Versatile, concealed installation and wastewater recovery.

These wastewater treatment systems are easily installed in different types of septic tanks, including concrete, fiberglass, plastic or elevated steel tanks.

Thanks to its advanced technology, HighStrengthFAST® exceeds typical effluent requirements and offers enhanced nitrification/denitrification processes for long-term performance and the ability to recycle wastewater into irrigation or sanitary.

Customized design for specific applications by water type

In specialized wastewater reuse and compliance applications, where unique characteristics can affect wastewater treatment, HighStrengthFAST® stands out as an effective solution.

Its customized and adaptable design ensures that the system fits perfectly to the specific needs of your industry and space, guaranteeing optimal results.