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Why Buy a Drinking Fountain with Bottle Filler?

The bottle filler drinking fountain is an excellent option for providing fresh drinking water to people visiting or working at a site. These devices allow bottles or glasses to be filled with filtered and refrigerated water, avoiding the use of plastic and promoting hydration. In addition, they have other advantages that make them very convenient and beneficial.

How did we arrive at the modern drinking fountain?

The history of the drinking fountain is an account of the evolution of a seemingly simple but essential device for access to drinking water. This evolution, which extends from the 20th century to the modern drinking fountain with bottle filler, cooling system and sensors, reflects significant changes in technology, environmental awareness and societal needs.

The modern drinking fountain was invented and manufactured in the early 20th century by two men: Halsey Willard Taylor with Halsey Taylor Company; and Luther Haws with Haws Sanitary Drinking Faucet Co. These two companies changed the way water was served in public places.

Luther Haws was a sanitary inspector for the city of Berkeley, California. In 1905, while at a public school, he saw children drinking from a shared cup. This unhealthy but common situation inspired him to invent a healthier alternative: a drinking tap. Using off-the-shelf parts, Luther Haws assembled the world’s first drinking faucet.


In the past, to use a common drinking fountain had to place the mouth on or near the faucet, which helped to spread germs. This is why Halsey Willard Taylor, an American inventor and entrepreneur, later developed a source of drinking water that was sanitary and did not contribute to the spread of various diseases.

One of his inventions launched two jets of water simultaneously that joined together and created an arc wide enough to allow the user of the drinking fountain to be farther away from the nozzle.


It was in the 2000s that a significant change occurred with the introduction of the bottle filler cooler. These innovative systems combined the functionality of the traditional drinking fountain with the ability to fill reusable water bottles quickly and conveniently. The need to reduce plastic waste and promote sustainability drove the adoption of these devices, which were installed in schools, offices, airports and other public places.


In the current era of a renewed focus on hygiene and sustainability, the bottle filler has experienced a remarkable resurgence in relevance. These devices, which combine the traditional functionality of the public drinking fountain with the convenience of filling reusable bottles, have emerged as a flagship solution amidst the health events of recent years, along with growing environmental awareness. The need to promote safe hygiene practices, reduce plastic waste and maintain consistent access to potable water has driven the widespread adoption of these systems in a wide range of public and commercial settings.


What are the advantages of a bottle filler drinking fountain?

Hygiene and reduced contact

The need to promote hygienic practices and reduce interaction with shared surfaces has been highlighted in an effort to prevent the spread of disease. The bottle filler has emerged as a valuable solution, as it allows people to fill their personal bottles without the need to make direct contact with the filler nozzle, which in turn helps to minimize the risk of virus and disease transmission.

Reduction of plastic waste

By promoting the reuse of personal bottles, this type of drinking fountain contributes directly to the reduction of plastic pollution and the solid waste problem. This is essential for the conservation of the environment and the fight against plastic pollution worldwide.

Continuous access to drinking water

In public environments, such as schools, offices, airports and parks, maintaining uninterrupted access to safe drinking water is essential for people's health and well-being. The bottle filler cooler offers a safe and convenient solution to ensure that this access remains unrestricted and uninterrupted, which is especially important in emergency situations or temporary shutdowns.

Ease of installation and maintenance

The bottle filler drinking fountain is relatively easy to install in a variety of environments as there are a variety of models that fit into various indoor and outdoor environments, from schools to gyms to offices. In addition, they are generally easy to maintain.

Customization and versatility

These devices often offer customization options, such as finishes, colors, and there are even customization options to use whatever colors and logos you want. Moving on to more technical issues, you can consider between different water purification solutions and even cooling systems to decide the water temperature.

Economic savings

By allowing people to fill their reusable bottles instead of buying bottled water bottles, the bottle filler drinking fountain can generate significant savings over time. This is beneficial for both individuals and institutions that can reduce their bottled water supply costs.

Promotion of an active lifestyle

Available in gyms, parks, schools, offices and other places where people spend long periods of time or engage in strenuous physical activity, these drinking fountains encourage regular hydration and promote a healthy, active lifestyle, which translates into increased physical and mental performance.

Improved water quality

Many drinking fountains with bottle fillers are equipped with advanced filtration systems that purify the water before dispensing. This ensures that the water filled into the bottles is of high quality and free of impurities, such as chlorine or sediment.

Which model of bottle fillerto buy?

Elkay EZH2O bottle filling station drinking fountain model EZWSSM

The Elkay EZWSSM filler is compact and modern. It has an automatic optical sensor that detects when a bottle is nearby.

Elkay drinking fountain with bottle filler EZH2O

Its features make it easy and hygienic to use.

More information

Elkay EZH2O Bottle Filler with Cooler Model EZ8WSSSMC

This dispenser has a cooling system and automatic sensor to refill bottles with cold water. It can be easily mounted on any wall.

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