MyFAST Wastewater Plant (10,000 to 160,000 GPD)


FAST sewage or wastewater plant

MyFAST® is a larger FAST system designed to meet onsite wastewater treatment needs with flows from 10,000 to 160,000 gallons per day (GPD).

This advanced wastewater treatment system uses the Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment (FAST) process to break down organic matter and nutrients in wastewater.


MyFAST® sewage or wastewater treatment plant

The MyFAST® wastewater treatment system is a state-of-the-art solution developed by Biomicrobics. Designed to offer efficiency and sustainability in wastewater treatment, the FAST system has become a reliable choice for a variety of commercial and residential applications. In this article, we will explore the key features of MyFAST and how it can transform wastewater management on your property.

Models GPD (Gallons per day) m3/d Equivalent population
1.0 10 000 38 25 ppd, / 147 people
2.0 20 000 76 50 ppd, / 294 persons
3.0 30 000 114 75 ppd, / 441 persons
4.0 40 000 152 100 ppd, / 588 persons
6.0 60 000 227 150 ppd, / 882 people
8.0 80 000 303 200 ppd, / 1176 people
12.0 120 000 455 300 ppd, / 1764 people
16.0 160 000 606 400 ppd, / 2352 people

Advanced performance with MyFAST® wastewater treatment technology

MyFAST® uses Fixed Activated Sludge Technology (FAST) to break down organic matter and nutrients in wastewater or sewage. This highly efficient process ensures rapid and complete decomposition of contaminants, providing a high quality treated effluent.

How does the FAST fixed activated sludge plant work?

  1. The first compartment acts as a primary clarifier by default. It can be enhanced with the pre-aeration option of the Aeration Management System (AMS) Zone, which contains LIXOR® pre-aeration devices. The outlets of the first compartment contain SaniTEE screens to retain larger solids.
  2. The second part of the treatment train is the main treatment tank, which contains 20 to 200 coatings (fixed film treatment modules) that house the attached microorganisms. This treatment tank is also intensively aerated. Air is supplied to each module for mixing, recirculation and oxygen transfer within the fixed media beds.
  3. The optional Biosolids Management System Zone, or BMS, provides storage and sludge digestion for the disposed biosolids transferred from the main treatment tank.

Compact and easy-to-install MyFAST sewage treatment plant.

The compact design of MyFAST® allows for easy installation in different spaces and conditions. Whether in commercial or residential applications, this system adapts perfectly to the specific needs of each property, guaranteeing optimum performance at all times.

Sustainability and savings of consumables and water for irrigation and other services

MyFAST® is an environmentally friendly and sustainable option for wastewater treatment. Its energy-efficient design reduces consumption and long-term operating costs. In addition, the efficiency in the removal of pollutants contributes to the conservation of the environment and the protection of water resources.

Applications for fixed activated sludge sewage or wastewater plants.

This wastewater treatment system is highly versatile and can be applied in a variety of configurations, including:

  • Residential developments: MyFAST® is ideal for efficient wastewater treatment in residential, multi-family and small community developments.
  • Small municipalities: The sewage plant for small towns or municipalities is ideal for treating water in communities that need to treat their wastewater.
  • Commercial buildings: Restaurants, hotels, offices and other commercial centers can benefit from the efficiency and performance of MyFAST®.
  • Development projects: From construction projects to urban developments, My FAST ensures proper wastewater management on any scale.

The MyFAST® wastewater treatment system is a leading solution in efficiency and sustainability. With its advanced technology and versatility in applications, MyFAST® offers exceptional results for commercial and residential properties. If you are looking for a reliable and environmentally friendly option for wastewater treatment, MyFAST® is the perfect choice. Contact us today to learn more about how FAST can improve wastewater management on your property.

The FAST wastewater treatment system is a highly efficient and reliable treatment plant specifically designed to treat and clean wastewater. With its advanced technology, the FAST® system uses a high-speed biological process to break down and remove contaminants in wastewater.

This treatment system is ideal for a variety of applications, including individual residences, communities, hotels, resorts, campgrounds, gated communities, condominiums, and many other commercial facilities. Its compact and versatile design allows it to be installed anywhere, even in areas with limited space.

The FAST® system uses an innovative approach known as “extended sequencing” to ensure superior efficiency in the breakdown of contaminants and the removal of suspended solids. In addition, its modular design allows for quick and easy expansion of the system to accommodate additional treatment capacity requirements.

By choosing the MyFAST® system for your sewage or wastewater treatment plant, you can be assured of a reliable, low-maintenance system that meets environmental standards and regulations. With its ability to efficiently treat large volumes of wastewater, the MyFAST® system is the perfect solution to ensure proper wastewater management and treatment, helping to protect both the environment and public health.

Install the FAST® system in your residence, hotel, resort, campground or any other commercial facility where efficient and reliable wastewater treatment is required. Get a high-performance wastewater treatment solution with the MyFAST® system and enjoy clean, safe water without worry.