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Next Sand Filtration Mexico

Next Filtration Technologies in Mexico Natural Zeolite for NextSand Water Filters

Next Filtration Technologies, Inc. is a leading supplier of water filtration products. The company stands out for pioneering multiple technologies that are now common in the water quality market.

Main products and applications

  1. Next-ScaleStop™: This technology offers chemical-free scale formation prevention using Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC®). It is an alternative to traditional water softeners, effective for residential and commercial applications.
  2. Next-Sand™: A high purity processed mineral that serves as a replacement for multimedia filtration. This product is remarkable for its ability to radically change the performance and cost of media filtration.
  3. Next-F.O.G.Stop™: An NSF-approved water treatment chemical that mitigates the buildup of fats, oils and grease (FOG) in sewers. It also offers solutions for agriculture.


  • Scale prevention: Used in water softening systems.
  • Sediment and turbidity treatment: Applied in media filtration to improve water quality.
  • Wastewater treatment: Next-F.O.G.Stop™ is added in treatment plants to reduce energy consumption and sludge production.

Relationship with Carbotecnia in Mexico

Carbotecnia represents Next Filtration for the distribution of its zeolite water filter product in Mexico. This suggests a collaboration in which Carbotecnia uses or distributes Next Filtration’s products, possibly including zeolite, for water filtration applications in the Mexican market.

Next Filtration stands out in the water filtration market for its technological innovations and specialized products, with applications ranging from scale prevention to wastewater treatment. Its partnership with Carbotecnia in Mexico expands its reach in the distribution of water filtration solutions, including zeolite, in this region.

Key features of Next-Sand™

  1. High purity material: Next-Sand™ is composed of clinoptilolite, a mineral mined in the western United States. Subsequently, it undergoes a high refining and classification process.
  2. Superior performance: This product is hard and stable, with a large surface area and a microporous character. In addition, it has microcrystals on its surface, which makes it an ideal filtration medium.
  3. High filtration efficiency: Next-Sand™ has a filtration performance of less than 5 microns, compared to 12 to 15 microns typical of multimedia media. This means that it can filter much smaller particles more effectively.
  4. Higher throughput: Offers three to four times the throughput of multimedia. This allows for higher performance in existing vessels when upgraded with Next-Sand, or the ability to use smaller filter vessels in new applications to achieve the same results.
  5. Deep filtration: Filtration through the entire depth of the media bed provides more than twice the multimedia filtration capacity.
  6. Increased dirt-holding capacity: Requires less backwashing due to increased dirt-holding capacity, reducing downtime.
  7. Reduced costs: Due to its lighter weight and lower volume requirements, Next-Sand™ involves lower capital and shipping costs compared to multimedia media. In addition, the product has a longer shelf life.
  8. Easy maintenance: The medium is not consumed in the filtration process. A simple periodic backwash keeps the media clean and running efficiently for five years or more.

Next-Sand™ represents a significant innovation in water filtration technology, offering superior performance, increased efficiency and reduced operating costs compared to traditional filtration media. Its ability to filter smaller particles and its higher flow capacity make it ideal for a wide range of water filtration applications.

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