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Viqua México – Specialists in ultraviolet light purification

Viqua History: Viqua, with its roots firmly planted in American soil, has established itself as a pioneer in the manufacture of ultraviolet light disinfection solutions. Since its founding at [año de fundación], Viqua has maintained an unwavering commitment to innovation and quality in the field of purification of water and other industrial liquids. With a history marked by the constant search for improvement and adaptation to the changing needs of the market, Viqua has grown and evolved to become a recognized leader in the sector.

Main Products: Viqua stands out for its wide range of products designed to ensure water safety and purity. Among its most outstanding solutions are:

  1. Residential UV disinfection systems: Designed for homes, these systems focus on providing safe, pathogen-free water directly from the tap.
  2. Commercial and industrial systems: Viqua offers large-scale solutions, ideal for industries and businesses that require a higher volume of purified water, while maintaining high quality and safety standards.
  3. Components and accessories: The company also manufactures a number of key components, such as replacement lamps, monitoring systems and water quality control, thus ensuring a comprehensive and continuous service for its disinfection systems.

Market presence and distribution: Viqua’s influence is not limited to the production of high-quality equipment; its distribution network is a testament to its global reach. Among its strategic partners is Carbotecnia, a trusted name in the distribution of disinfection systems for water and other industrial liquids. Carbotecnia stands out for its excellence in service and technical expertise, ensuring that Viqua products reach consumers with the proper support and guaranteed efficiency that characterizes the brand.

Commitment to innovation and the environment: Viqua is not only concerned about water quality, but also about the environmental impact of its products. The company invests in clean and sustainable technologies, ensuring that its UV disinfection systems are not only effective but also environmentally friendly, a reflection of its responsibility as a market leader.

Viqua in Mexico

Viqua is one of the world’s leading suppliers of UV water treatment systems for residential and light commercial use, offering treated water without the use of chemicals. Its UV systems, available for both point-of-entry and point-of-use, inactivate common waterborne pathogens, including cryptosporidium, giardia, pathogenic E. coli, campylobacter, legionella, salmonella, shigella, norovirus, enterovirus and hepatitis A virus, delivering on its promise: consistently better water. These systems are designed and built to meet the industry’s highest quality standards and satisfy diverse customer needs, covering a wide range of sizes, flow rates and applications.

Carbotecnia represents Viqua in Mexico, offering its UV water treatment systems in the country. We offer technical support, sales, and services related to Viqua systems, adapting them to the needs of the market and ensuring that customers receive an effective and high quality water treatment solution.

More information: About VIQUA

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