Chemical filtration media for water treatment

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Chemical filtration media for water treatment

What is chemical filtration media and why do you need it?

Chemical filtration media is one of three types of filters that can be used in the industry. The other two are biological treatment and mechanical filtration.

As the name implies, it is a filter that specifically removes chemicals.

When people think of chemicals, we think of man-made chemicals such as laundry detergent, pesticides, dyes….

We agree, none of these should be in our drinking water. Pero resulta que en el planeta hay presentes elementos químicos de manera natural sin la intervención del hombre.

If you think about the nitrogen cycle, it turns out that wastes such as feces and urine, from man or animals, give rise to ammonia, nitrate.

What chemical elements can we remove from water with chemical filter media?

  • Heavy metals, such as copper
  • Compounds, such as sodium chloride (salt)
  • Medicines used and entering into the drinking water
  • Silica removal
  • Arsenic removal
  • pH regulator
  • Prevent carbonate scaling
  • Anion and cation scale catalyst
  • Microfiltration and SDI reduction
  • Bacteriostatic filter media.

Which filter media should we choose?

Everything starts from the physical-chemical analysis of the water and the parameters that come out of the standard we need to comply with. It may also be that the equipment or industrial process that requires a certain very particular water quality.

Chemical media are not used as frequently as biological media (oxidizers, UV ultraviolet light or ozone) or mechanical media (cartridge filters, disc filters, deep bed or membrane filters), but they can be effective for a number of specific purposes in water treatment.

Chemical filter media remove elements of organic chemistry through activated carbons, resins and other adsorbents. Chemical filter media help maintain water quality as unwanted dissolved matter adheres to them. Los dos medios químicos más usados en el tratamiento de agua son el carbón activado y las resinas. Protein skimming or ozone oxidation are two other chemical media.

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