Watts Water Company

Founded in 1874 by Joseph Watts in the United States, the company built its reputation as a pioneer in pressure reducing and relief valve technology to increase safety in the operation of boilers and water heaters. In the early 1970s, Watts was important in creating and promoting non-return valves for the prevention of cross contamination of water by preventing that contaminated water from mixing with the drinking water system in residential, commercial, municipal and industrial facilities.

Today, with more than 5,000 employees around the world, Watts is one of the largest international providers of heating and water quality solutions.

  • Plumbing and flow control solutions designed to facilitate efficient transportation and control of water in commercial, residential and industrial applications.
  • Quality and water treatment solutions designed to facilitate the analysis, treatment and filtration of water.
  • HVAC solutions designed to improve occupant comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Water reuse and drainage solutions that facilitate the management and reuse of rainwater and wastewater.

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Some popular Watts products.

Important events in the company:


Burchard Everett Horne (BE Horne) purchased Watts Regulator and thus began a new era for Watts Regulator. Horne developed the revolutionary patented combination temperature and pressure (T&P) relief valve the first product to make watts stand out in the water treatment market.


In the 1970s, Watts Regulator increased its presence in the backflow prevention market and the plumbing industry one of our most successful Watts product lines.


Patrick S. O'Keefe was named the new CEO of Watts. Oversaw the transition from a successful family business to a publicly traded company with an international presence.


The parent company changed from Watts Industries to Watts Water Technologies, Inc. in 2003 to adequately reflect our focus on water-related solutions.


In 2011, the company led the industry during the transition from lead-free plumbing in the US.


Today, Watts is led by Robert J. Pagano, Jr., who was named President and CEO in early 2014.

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