Physical properties:

  • Color: White Brown
  • Apparent density: 75 lbs / cu. foot
  • Mesh size: 6 x 16
  • Density: 3.6 g / cc
  • Effective size: 1.4mm
  • Uniformity coefficient: 1.7
  • Composition: MgO 97%. Min.

Product images are illustrative and may vary from the physical product.

Corosex can correct acidic conditions and avoid corrosive water.

Corosex, is highly reactive magnesium oxide, is used to correct and level the pH. Corosex is soluble to acidity, so it will dissolve slowly and will need to be replenished periodically.

On a Corosex base it can neutralize acidity five times more, compared to calcium carbonate. This means it will use less chemicals to neutralize the pH. It should be noted that under low flow conditions Corosex can over correct and create a very alkaline condition (high pH).

Under certain harsh conditions, neutralization of the pH can cause calcium precipitation, resulting in solidification of the Corosex mineral bed. Generally recommended with a hardness greater than five grains per gallon. (Always use a settling filter before Corosex equipment.)

Corosex's Magnesium Oxide neutralizes water, in addition to increasing hardness and a scrubber may be required after the neutralization filter. Corosex can be effectively combined with Calcite to enhance the high neutralization properties of Corosex, along with low reaction properties in small streams of Calcite, potentially reducing the pH correction of the water due to over-correction.


High degree of activity and correction speed that allows high flows.
High capacity… less use of chemicals.


Downflow service is generally satisfactory in waters with a hardness of less than 5 grains / gal. or when combined with at least 50/50 Calcite. Upflow service is generally recommended with a hardness greater than five grains x gal. to avoid sedimentation of the Corosex bed.
Use manifolds, designed for upflow applications
A silica gravel support bed is recommended.
Water pH range: 4.5-6.0
Bed depth: 24-30 cm
Clearance: 50% of bed depth (minimum)
Carry out backwashes to avoid possible sediments
Backwash flow: 10-12 gpm / sq. foot
Flow Service: 5-6 gpm / sq. ft but can be modified to suit local
Maximum use of 100 mg / L

Corosex is packaged in 50 pound (0.66 cu ft) bags

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