Dow Chemical Company.

Dow is undoubtedly one of the oldest water treatment companies, they have been conducting research and seeking improvements in ion exchange resins for more than a century.

In 1897, The Dow Chemical Company began as a single product company founded by HH Dow, an industry pioneer. Dow was an electrochemical pioneer whose first commercial success came in 1891 when he used electrical current to separate bromides from brine.

Throughout its history, the Dow Chemical Company has been a leader in the manufacture of different products, such as: calcium chloride, magnesium metal, acetylsalicylic acid, silicone products and epoxy resins.

In 2009, Dow acquired Rohm and Haas, a key player in the Dow-branded water treatment products division. Rohm and Haas is one of the most recognized fluid treatment resin product lines worldwide.

The rise of Dow innovations.

After the First World War, HH Dow gave priority to research in the new area of organic chemistry. This was an era of incredible innovation for Dow, and much of the research conducted during the 1920s and 1930s laid the foundation of knowledge for the product lines that remain key markets for Dow decades later. Products included a range of chemicals for the agricultural, pharmaceutical, water purification, energy and automotive industries.

The Midland Physics Laboratory, headed by its brilliant director, John Grebe, was responsible for a long list of innovations, including automatic controls, DOWTHERM ™ products, waste removal bacteria, ethylene research, styrene, STYROFOAM ™, PVC, Saran, ion exchange resins, Polystyrene and Ethafoam. Learn more about John Grebe and Dow's “Idea Factory”.

Dow Chemicals today.

Today, to meet the demands of a growing world, Dow is putting its innovations to work around the world. The company operates nearly 190 manufacturing sites in more than 30 countries and continues to expand into some of the world's fastest growing regions, such as Africa, where Dow recently opened offices in Ethiopia, Nigeria and Morocco. The completion of the Sadara Chemical complex, a joint venture between Dow and Saudi Aramco, in Saudi Arabia, will help drive further expansion into growing end markets in Africa and Asia Pacific.

Dow's global reach has taken decades to develop and provides a competitive advantage. It helps your business deliver the scale, talent, innovation, partnerships, and reliability that customers value.

Products developed by Dow for water treatment.

  • Filmtec Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Membranes.

Dow Water & Process Solutions is a recognized world leader in RO technology, known for the DOW FILMTEC ™ and FILMTEC ECO elements.

  • IER ion exchange resin.

It has the widest range of world-class ion exchange resins to meet separation requirements, from softening to ultrapure water generation to track contaminant removal.

  • FPF Filtration of fine particles.

TEQUATIC ™ PLUS filters are breaking new ground in treatment
difficult feed water, reducing maintenance, labor and consumable costs, and increasing uptime and water recovery.

  • UF ultrafiltration.

The outside-in hollow fiber configuration of DOW IntegraFlo ™ UF modules set the standard for RO pretreatment, independent drinking water production, and wastewater treatment and reuse.

  • EDI electrodeionization.

The distinctive spiral design of EDI DOW ™ modules offers a chemical-free alternative to mixed bed ion exchange resins for polishing RO permeate - an ideal choice for high purity water needs
when combined with our RO membranes and ion exchange resins.

  • AC catalysts.

Dow offers a wide range of catalyst products, from acids and bases. Catalysts type a catalysts for immobilized metal applications.

  • Absorbents.

DOWEX ™ OPTIPORE ™ and AMBERLITE ™ adsorbent resins. The pore structure removes organic solvents from water and impurities from watery foods.

  • SM Selective Media.

Titanium-based ADSORBSIA ™ media provides a convenient solution and cost-effective option for removing arsenic from drinking water.

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