Dow Filmtec Membranes.

The Filmtec brand of membranes offer the most widely used RO technology in the world, trusted by municipalities, industries, manufacturers, commercial markets and families who want clean and healthy water in their homes.

The main lines of Filmtec membranes are the following:

Residential drinking water membranes.

In this category are the models:

  • FILMTEC Residential Membranes 36 GPD, TFC 18X12 @ 50 PSI TW30-1812-36 HIGH REJECTION RME11003
  • FILMTEC Residential Membranes 50 GPD, TFC 18X12 @ 50 PSI TW30-1812-50 HIGH REJECTION RME11006
  • FILMTEC Residential Membranes 75 GPD, TFC 18X12 @ 50 PSI TW30-1812-75 HIGH REJECTION RME11008
  • FILMTEC Residential Membranes 100 GPD, TFC 18X12 @ 50 PSI TW30-1812-100 HIGH REJECTION RME11010

Reverse osmosis (RO) membranes for seawater.

FILMTEC ™ seawater membranes are composed of spirally wound polyamide thin film that are resistant to biofouling (biological contamination). They are built with automated technology equipment superior to that used in the market, which results in a level of precision that is impossible to achieve with manually wound elements.

Benefits of Filmtec Seawater Membranes:

  • FILMTEC ™ Dirt-resistant Elements low pressure reduction in permeate flow, producing higher efficiency, more uniform net driving pressure and more uniform distribution of permeate flow.
  • FILMTEC ™ dirt resistant elements are very durable and can be cleaned at pH 12. They are also very resistant to bacteria. These features extend the time between cleanings and reduce cleaning costs.

Models of filmtec membranes for seawater:

  • FILMTEC Membrane 2.5 ”2.5X40, 700GPD @ 800 PSI, SW30-2540 SEA WATER RME53722.
  • FILMTEC Membrane 4 ”4.0X40, 2200 GPD @ 800 PSI, SW30-4040 SEA WATER RME55711.
  • FILMTEC 8 ”Membrane 8.0X40,7500 GPD @ 800 PSI, SW30HR-LE400i SEA WATER RME57722.
  • FILMTEC Membrane 8 ”8.0X40, 6300 GPD @ 800PSI, SW30HR-380 / 34i SEA WATER RME57772.
  • FILMTEC Membrane 8 ”8.0X40, 7500 GPD @ 800PSI, SW30HR-LE400 SEA WATER RME57776.
  • FILMTEC Membrane 8 ”8.0 ″ X40 ″, 11000 GPD @ 800 PSI, SW30ULE-400i SEA WATER RME57779.

Industrial reverse osmosis (RO) membranes.

FilmTec ™ RO are spiral wound thin film composite polyamide membranes. Generally, a spiral wound configuration means lower replacement costs, simpler plumbing systems, easier maintenance, and greater design freedom than other configurations such as hollow fiber, plate-and-frame, and tubular module designs.

Filmtec uses the industry's most advanced automated technology in the manufacture of reverse osmosis (RO) elements, resulting in maximum uniformity and minimizing gaps between elements. Rigorous and extensive quality testing ensures that FilmTec ™ elements meet a high manufacturing standard.

Models of filmtec membranes for reverse osmosis:

  • FILMTEC Membrane 2.5 ”2.5X21, 365GPD @ 100 PSI, XLE-2521 HIGH FLOW RME23411
  • FILMTEC Membrane 2.5 ”2.5X40, 850GPD @ 100 PSI, XLE-2540 HIGH FLOW RME23711
  • FILMTEC Membrane 4 ”4.0X21, 1000GPD @ 125 PSI, XLE-4021 HIGH FLOW RME25411
  • FILMTEC Membrane 4 ”4.0X40, 2400GPD @ 125 PSI, XLE-4040 HIGH FLOW RME25711
  • FILMTEC 8 ”Membrane 8.0X40, 12700 GPD @ 100 PSI, XLE-440 HIGH FLOW RME27711

Nanofiltration Reverse Osmosis Membranes (NF).

FilmTec ™ NF membranes provide excellent performance for a wide variety of applications in terms of rejection of salts and organic matter, and resistance to fouling. FilmTec ™ elements can operate in a pH range of 2 to 11, are resistant to compaction and are suitable for temperatures up to 45 ° C. They can be effectively cleaned at pH 1 and pH 13, depending on the temperature.

Filmtec Nanofiltration Membrane Models:

  • FILMTEC Membrane 2.5 ”2.5X40, 680GPD @ 130 PSI, NF90-2540 NANOFILTRATION RME73711.
  • FILMTEC Membrane 4 ”4.0X40, 2000 GPD @ 70PSI, NF90-4040 NANOFILTRATION RME75711.
  • FILMTEC Membrane 4 ”4.0X40, 2000 GPD @ 70PSI, NF270-4040 NANOFILTRATION RME75713.
  • FILMTEC Membrane 8 ”8.0 ″ X40 ″, 7500-9500 GPD (NACI / MGSO4) @ 70 PSI, NF90-400 NANOFILTRATION RME77811.
  • FILMTEC Membrane 8 ”8.0 ″ X40 ″, 12500-14700 GPD (MGSO4 / CACL2) @ 70 PSI, NF270-400 NANOFILTRATION RME77812.

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