Shower filter with activated carbon and KDF.

One-step system:

Activated carbon cartridge and bacteriostatic kdf.

Removes suspended particles, chlorine, organic contaminants and prevents bacterial growth.


Flowmatic shower filter


  • Prevents dryness and skin problems.
  • Helps reduce brittle hair.
  • Reduces eye irritation.
  • The color of dyes lasts longer, since chlorine no longer acts as an oxidant.
  • No more problems with Atopic Skin.
  • Reduces water soluble heavy metals to 98%.
  • Reduces chemical absorption and inhalation of chlorine vapor.

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Product specifications.

Operating time: 6 to 8 months.

Standard size for watering can.

Max. temperature: 80°C.

Do you or a member of your family suffer from an itchy scalp or burning eyes after showering?

Chlorine and heavy metals found in the water supply are two of the main contributors to skin irritation.

Flowmatic’s high quality Dial-A-Date shower filter allows users to easily establish a solution to the problems caused by excess chlorine, bacteria and heavy metals.

  • 95% reduction in chlorine, reduces chemical absorption and vapor inhalation.
  • Reduces up to 98% of water soluble heavy metals.
  • Less damage to hair and skin.
  • It contains KDF which is a bacteriostatic medium.

This product is ideal for people who wish to bathe in water that is better for their skin and hair to eliminate dryness and irritation caused by chlorine and other chemicals in tap water.

The shower filter has been consistently shown to help alleviate bad reactions to chlorine making it ideal for people with sensitive skin, including people with eczema, psoriasis and dry skin conditions. For people without these conditions, the shower filter leaves you with a moisturized feeling after showering by protecting your skin and hair from oxidizing elements in municipal water, preserving the skin’s natural proteins.

A unique feature of the shower filter is the removable cartridge system, which allows for easy replacement of the internal filter.

This shower filter provides an effective means of removing chlorine in the shower from high temperature water for chlorine-free baths. Installation is always very simple and almost as easy as screwing in a light bulb!

Less damage to hair and skin!

Flowmatic sprinkler filter.

Easy to replace, compatible with a wide variety of watering cans.

Contains carbon and KDF.

Filtro de ducha Dial-A-Date de alta calidad de Flowmatic permite a los usuarios establecer fácilmente una solución a los problemas que causa el exceso de cloro, bacterias y metales pesados.
Monthly indicator
The Flowmatic filter has a manually operated indicator, which helps to keep track of the cartridge life time.
Standard connection.
The connection is compatible with most standard size shower heads.

3 main advantages of using a cartridge in your shower.


It is beneficial for your skin.

Helps reduce skin dryness.

Reduces eye irritation.

By eliminating chlorine and heavy metals, it reduces eye irritation.

Silkier hair and more durable dyes.

The color of dyes lasts longer, since chlorine no longer acts as an oxidant.

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