Portinox FMMS-600A-1B Drinking Fountain with 1 bubbler


Portinox FMMS-600A-1B Drinking Fountian Single

  • Wall-mounted drinking fountain with one outlet, adjustable to any height.
  • For elementary, middle school and kindergarten.
  • Product images are demonstrative and may vary from the physical product.


Drinking fountain for 1 user (1 vandal-proof nozzle)

Compact drinking fountain, its reduced dimensions allow it to be placed in small spaces, and because it is wall mounted it can be installed at any height above 65 cm, so it can be installed in kindergarten, elementary, high school and it is also recommended for places where access to water is required for adults.

Its dimensions are: 39.5 cm depth x 39.5 cm diameter x 65 cm height.

This drinking fountain can be wall mounted.

It is constructed of 18 gauge EN-10088 /1.4301 (AISI 304) stainless steel.


– Vandal-proof, anti-rotation and sanitary barrier stainless steel water jet nozzle.

– Vandal-proof button.

– Recessed door with recessed screws.

– Recessed to the wall.

– Net Weight: 15.6 kg.

Can include water purifier with the following features: 5 micron pre-filter, 5 micron compacted polypropylene resin + 0.2 micron membrane filter for bacteria, sediment and chlorine reduction. Complies with Cofepris Nom 244.

Portinox FMMS-600A-1B Drinking Fountain.

Accessible, modern and attractive, ideal for airports, universities, sports centers and more…


Water purifier access door

System for anchoring the door to the furniture that allows it to open, but not to fall.

Round anti-vandalism nozzle.

Vandal-proof, anti-rotation stainless steel water nozzle with sanitary barrier.

Easy to operate button.

Easy to operate button, accessible for children and adults.

Cylindrical body

Fully rounded cabinet to avoid knocks.