Portinox FMIC-1000A-1B-1B-1H-1LLL 2-socket drinker

Portinox Drinker FMIC-1000A-1B-1H-1LLL

Island drinking fountain with two outlets and bottle filler

For primary and secondary school.

Product images are demonstrative and may vary from the physical product.


Portinox Isla drinking fountain with water purification system, for 2 users and 1 bottle filler.

Portinox drinking fountain: 1 drinking fountain, 1 drinking fountain for the disabled or wheelchairs and 1 bottle filler.

made of 18 gauge EN-10088 /1.4301 (AISI 304) stainless steel.

Surface finish: Satin-Gloss

More specifications:

– Depth of sink: 40 mm.

– Vandal-proof, anti-rotation and sanitary barrier stainless steel water jet nozzle.

– Vandal-proof button.

– Recessed door with recessed screws.

– Inlet: Threaded, NPT 1/2″.

– Outlet: 25 mm flexible hose

– Recessed into the floor by means of bolts and screws

– Net Weight: 38.5 kg

– Raised grid at the bottom of the bottle filler to support the bottle without obstructing drainage

– System for anchoring the door to the furniture that allows it to open but not to fall.

– Bottle filling nozzle with a system that avoids the connection of a hose.

– Rounded edges to avoid cuts.

– Central body formed by 2 concentric enclosures separated internally by high density injected polyurethane that favors the robustness of the sprue.

– Homologated in INIFED

High-tech purification

3M water purification device: Pre-filter, 5 micron compacted polypropylene resin + 0.2 micron membrane filter for bacteria reduction, activated carbon for chlorine and flavors. The Portinox drinking fountain complies with Cofepris NOM-244-SSA1-2008.

Learn more about Portinox drinking fountains here: https://carbotecnia.info/categoria-producto/bebederos-escuelas/bebederos-portinox/