Polyspun 2.5 “x40” Cartridges

40″ polyspun settling cartridge (polisher)

Raw material: Polypropylene

Measurements: 2.5″ x 40″

Microns: 1, 5, 10, 10, 20 and 50

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2.5″ x 40″ Polyspun Filter

}}quot; diameter”}’>Description of 2.5″ diameter cartridges
Quantity per box
}}quot;, 1 Micron”}’>Polyspun 40″ Cartridge, 1 Micron
}}quot;, 5 Microns”}’>Polyspun 40″ Cartridge, 5 Microns
}}quot;, 10 Microns”}’>Polyspun 40″ Cartridge, 10 Microns
}}quot;, 20 Microns”}’>Polyspun 40″ Cartridge, 20 Microns
}}quot;, 50 Micron”}’>Polyspun 40″, 50 Micron Cartridge
}}quot;, 75 Micron”}’>Polyspun 40″, 75 Micron Cartridge

They are regularly a pre-filtration stage for reverse osmosis systems and post-filtration of granular activated carbon filters. They are also used in applications such as: industrial multi-cartridge filters.

Polypropylene water filters for reliable water for your home or business.

Some of the attractive features of our quality polypropylene water filters are as follows

Design of our polypropylene water filters is part of what makes them effective. In short, impurities in a water supply have to travel through the layers of a spunbonded polyester filter. This gives the filter more opportunities to collect and capture various contaminants. In fact, many of the polypropylene water filters in our selection collect both large and small contaminant particles.

Reliable products with the power to provide a clean water supply to a home or business. We include a detailed description with each polypropylene water filter in our selection. This gives our customers a complete picture of the capabilities of each polypropylene water filter cartridge. The description also provides customers with the size of each polyvinyl filter. This is useful when a customer is trying to find a filter that is compatible with their system.

We know that many business and homeowners prefer a particular brand of polypropylene water filters. We want to ensure that we have a selection of polypropylene water filters to suit the needs and preferences of all our customers.

Advantages of Polyspun filters:

  • Graduated density to avoid pressure drops.
  • Made of 100% pure polypropylene fibers.
  • Polyspun water filters have a coreless design, with a diameter of 2.5″ (6.35 cm) x 40″ (101.6 cm) and are an economical solution for pre-filtration in many applications.




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