Clearwater Microzone 500 of 0.5 gr/hr


Microzone 500 corona discharge ozone

Ozone generator of 0.5 gr/hr, no air dryer required.

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Ozone generator for water purification

Ozone for corona discharge water purification, 0.5 gr/hr, no air dryer required.

Microzone series is easy to install and offers tremendous value with minimal complexity

Superior ozone performance in a compact corona discharge size.

The Microzone 500 is a corona discharge ozone generator.

It can be wall mounted, requires no air preparation and is designed to operate in various types of environments.

It is perfect for small pools, spas or jacuzzi; for water treatment, oxidizing iron, manganese and sulfur, while eliminating bacteria and viruses. For aquarium sanitation; and to meet the disinfection requirements of bottled water in purification plants.


Dimensions: 6.25″ h x 9.375″ w x 3.5″ d, .5 lbs.
Ozone output: 0.5 grams/hour @ 5 SCFH in ambient air


  • 100% ozone output
  • Main power indicator
  • Low energy consumption
  • No air preparation required
  • Compact

Microzone 500 ozone applications

  • Residential pools or swimming pools
  • Ornamental water fountains
  • Odor and mildew control.
  • Ozone for water purification

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