Inline Activated Carbon Cartridges ICF-10

Inline activated carbon cartridges

Raw material: Polypropylene

Sizes: diameters 2″ x 10

Connection: 1/4″ NPT thread

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Inline activated carbon cartridge

It is designed to eliminate unpleasant odor and taste.

  • The inline sediment cartridge provides us with cleaner, clearer and better water.

These filters are easily installed in the water line for refrigerator ice maker, reverse osmosis or simple water filtration systems.

The cartridge design prevents water channeling, ensuring good water contact with the activated carbon.


They are made with NSF International certified coconut shell carbon and are designed for taste and odor removal as well as sediment reduction for cleaner, clearer, better tasting water. ICF Series filters are easy to install and commonly used in ice machines, reverse osmosis systems, water dispensers and other applications.

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2.0 "x10"



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