Diaphragm metering pump with Sigma X drive motor


Diaphragm dosing pumps for high viscosity.

Capacity: 42 liters per hour @10 bar → 1000 litres per hour@ 4 bar
For viscosities up to 1000 cp.

All materials in contact with the medium of the “FDA” (F) version comply with the FDA guideline.

Product images are demonstrative and may vary from the physical product.


Diaphragm pump with motor included.

The Sigma X is a reliable, diaphragm metering pump (diaphragm and motor driven) with integrated control and multi-layer safety diaphragm. The various interfaces enable digital fluid management with easy operation.

As a robust diaphragm metering pump, the Sigma family can be used flexibly in many applications. The Sigma X diaphragm metering pump covers an output range from 21 to 1,040 l/h in the S1Cb, S2Cb and S3Cb versions.

Benefits of this line of diaphragm pumps

Uniform operation.

The highlight is the uniform operating concept with click wheel and 4 additional operating keys on a removable operating unit. A large illuminated LC display and a 3-LED display visible from all sides for operation, warning and error messages provide additional operating convenience. An integrated timer as standard controls the dosing processes in a time-dependent manner. Suitable spare parts are shown on the display.

Flexible Red

Selectable wireless options enable remote operation, configuration and backup. Connection to process control systems via the integrated PROFIBUS® interface, CANopen. Remote transmission of operating states is easily achieved by means of an additional output module or relay.

Removable control unit (HMI) for greater operating convenience.

The mobile operating unit offers greater operating convenience in practice. This allows the pump to be installed quickly and easily in any specific application.

Dosing profiles for optimum results.

Adjustable dosing profiles ensure optimum dosing results. An integrated timer as standard controls the dosing processes in a time-dependent manner. Suitable spare parts can be displayed on the screen.

Integrated logbook.

An integrated logbook stores up to 300 events and facilitates troubleshooting and root cause analysis. This facilitates process control, optimization and error analysis.

Applications where you can install the Sigma X diaphragm pump:

  • Dosing of chemical products up to 1,000 l/h.
  • Dispenser for high viscosity liquids.
  • Drinking water treatment: dosing of disinfectants.
  • Cooling circuits: dosing of disinfectants.
  • Wastewater treatment: flocculant dosing.
  • Paper industry: dosing of additives.
  • Plastics production: dosing of additives.
  • Textile industry: Dosage of dyeing auxiliaries.

Available models:

Manufacturer’s code
Sigma Control S1CbH-42 metering pump
Sigma Control S1CbH-63 metering pump
Sigma Control S1CbH-117 metering pump
Sigma Control S2CbH-129 metering pump
Sigma Control S2CbH-264 metering pump
Sigma Control S2CbH-353 metering pump
Sigma Control S3CbH-365 metering pump
Sigma Control S3CbH-670 metering pump
Sigma Control S3CbH-1000 metering pump

Connections (Materials in contact with the chemical).

  • PVT:PVDF head – Suction/discharge connection: PVDF – Ball seat: PTFE/PTFE – Balls: Ceramic – Integrated overflow valve: PVDF/FKM or EPDM
  • SST: 1.4404 stainless steel head – Suction/discharge connection: 1.4581 stainless steel – Ball seat: PTFE/PTFE – Balls: 1.4404 stainless steel – Integrated overflow valve: Stainless steel/FKM or EPDM

Sealing material “F” – “FDA” version ball seat: PVDF

Version “G” gasket material – REG (EC) 1935/2004″ ball seat: 1.4404.

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We recommend watching the following video of the operation of a diaphragm pump with integrated Sigma motor: