Cooling tower filters


Benefits of filters for cooling tower and recirculation circuit settling systems.

  • Guaranteed water quality for maximum heat dissipation efficiency of system equipment.
  • Optimal working conditions in the cooling equipment, ensuring minimum energy consumption.
  • Controls and reduces downtime for inspection and maintenance of cooling equipment.
  • Reduced consumption of chemicals needed for biological and corrosion control in the system.
  • Increased safety against particle inflow in the open circuit.


Cooling tower filters.

Cooling tower systems are used in municipal, residential, industrial and data processing centers (DPC) to dissipate the heat generated during their productive activity and guarantee the optimum process temperature.

These systems must cool large volumes of water and/or air, this water must contain particles or sediments that are deposited or accumulate on the various heat transfer surfaces of the circuit, which reduces the performance of the installation, increases the temperature of the water in the process and causes productivity losses and increased operating costs.

How do these solid particles reach the cooling system?

The incoming water source: contains suspended and dissolved solids in variable quantity and nature depending on their origin. It could also have undergone some pretreatment to improve the quality of the water entering the circuit.

Outdoor environment: particles that are suspended in the air, such as

dust, pollen, spores and microorganisms and enter the system through the environment where it is located.

Process water: due to wear of system components, dosing of inhibitors and biocides or other elements of the re-circulation system.

What sediments we are dealing with:


The loss of solubility of certain salts, mainly CaCO3, in contact with high temperatures, causes their precipitation on the heat transfer surfaces of the circuit, minimizing its energy efficiency.


The accumulation of suspended particles in areas of low water velocity in the system generates obstructions, favors biological growth and increases the intensity and duration of maintenance shutdowns.


The development of algae, protozoa and bacteria generates biofilms (heat transfer 25 – 600 times lower than many metals), corrosion and in the case of Legionella Pneumphila poses a risk to human health.


Degradation of the system’s metal surfaces increases costs due to premature equipment replacement, unplanned production downtime and loss of heat transfer efficiency. Plastic disc filters avoid this problem so the filtration in the cooling system will last for many years.

The best solution for water treatment in mobile plants

Graphical example of the system

Brand success stories


Year: 2016

Production 800 m3/h (3522.3 gallons per minute)

Source of water: Cooling system circuit

Filtration degree: 130 microns

System used: 5 filters Azud Helix Automatic 210/6FX AA

One of the largest electric utilities in Latin America had 5 water cooling systems that suffered heat transfer losses of up to 30% due to the accumulation of small particles and for which the customer had to apply a high amount of biocide.

His strong ecological awareness and the accumulated expense, motivated him to rely on AZUD to put an end to his situation, installing 5 sidestream disc filtration units capable of providing a maximum of 800 m3/h for the different cooling equipment.

Ahorros en el sistema de la torre de enfriamiento:


Year: 2016

Production 2600 m3/h (11,479 gallons per minute)

Water source: Condenser water

Filtration degree: 20 microns

System used: 12 filters Azud Helix Automatic 4DC7

A large shopping mall in Dubai wanted to improve the performance of its air-conditioning system (ACS) and protect it from dust and sand particles entering the open circuit from the environment.

The solution offered by AZUD was a sidestream filtration system, which ensures the complete removal of 98% of suspended particles in the water, generating a reduction in energy consumption, guaranteeing the stability of the target temperature within the design range.

Ahorros en el sistema de la torre de enfriamiento:

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