Megapol C – Wood powder activated carbon


Pulverized wood activated carbon for refining sugar, liquors, honeys and other liquids

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Wood powder activated carbon

Wood powder activated carbon, smaller than 325 mesh, activated with phosphoric acid. It is a high activation product, with macroporosity tendency, indicated for the decolorization of liquids.

  • Raw material: Pine wood
  • Particle size: 90% pass 325 mesh
  • Presentation: 20 kg bags
  • Relative activity in molasses: 103 % Min.

Applications of powdered wood activated carbon:

High efficiency discoloration of liquids (juices, liqueurs, honeys, sugar…)

Pine wood activated carbon for discoloration

Sawdust activated carbon with phosphoric acid for the decolorization of liquids.

Activated wood charcoal is activated with phosphoric acid for color removal from liquids

Well, if you are a consumer of oils, vinegars, wines, sugar or any other beverage. The way to color liquids without affecting their taste and smell can be done with wood charcoal.

This product is manufactured from wood and activated with phosphoric acid. It can be used in many industries, such as food, textile, chemical manufacturing and laboratory (e.g., wastewater treatment).

Activated wood charcoal for liquid decolorization

You can use activated wood charcoal with phosphoric acid to decolorize liquids. The process is simple and straightforward, and the results are excellent.

If you are looking for a way to decolorize liquids, wood activated carbon, activated with phosphoric acid is your best choice. It is very effective in removing color from liquids.