Aqua Flo Easy Change Reverse Osmosis Purifier CRO-600UX1


Reverse Osmosis Purifier easy to install and change filters.

  • Continuous flow of purified water instantly.
  • Sleek, space-saving design (without storage tank)
  • Transparent anti-dust cover and allows to see the cartridge life LED indicators.
  • Intelligent filter life reminder.
  • One-piece integrated design.
  • High efficiency technology that saves water.
  • Leak detector with automatic shutdown and audible alarm.
  • Stainless steel gooseneck wrench.


Super healthy and fresh water!

While most reverse osmosis systems use storage tanks, Aqua Flo’s tankless design uses a high-capacity reverse osmosis membrane to provide you with the best tasting water instantly.

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Clean design and easy replacement of cartridges

High water flow with compact design, quick connection and easy to install.

Simple design allows you to replace filters easily. No storage tank, drink the freshly produced pure water right then and there.

Transparent dust cover, see all the status of the equipment without uncovering it.


Water savings and long lasting equipment

Intelligent reminder function for reverse osmosis cartridges and membrane health

It also incorporates high efficiency water saving technology, high recovery water helps you save on your water bill.

Intelligent programming designed for system operation prolongs the life of the membrane and other electrical control parts.

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Detection and shutdown of water leaks

Water connections are integrated into a manifold to reduce leakage points.

The system will automatically stop operating when a leak is detected, the smart display will continue to flash along with the alarm sound.


Water supply Municipal water supply
Feed line pressure 0.1MPa ~ 0.4MPa
Purified water flow 1.58 liters / min
Salt rejection 96%
Retrieval > 50%
Water temperature 5 ~ 38 ℃
Ambient humidity ≤90%
Sound level ≤65db
Power Input 110 ~ 240 V CA 50/60 Hz 3 A
Production 24 V CC 5 A
Energy used 80 watts
Membrane Type Thin film composite membrane
Classification 600 GPD
Model 3013-600-NPI
Connection Input 3/8″ quick connection
Transformer Quick connect power cable
Accesories Installation kit and stainless steel faucet wrench included
Product dimension (LxDxH) 231 × 324 × 431 mm
Package dimensions (LxDxH) 435 × 435 × 505 mm

* Salt rejection and product flow are variable and can be affected by temperature and feed water conditions.