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Water is vital for human survival and only 1% of the planet's water can be used for human consumption. We give you some tips to take care of this important natural resource.

Bath tank with water saver.

2 Fill a half gallon bottle with water (recycled if possible) and place it inside the bathroom tank, this will reduce the amount of water used per flush. And remember not to dispose of objects that must be thrown in the trash (toilet paper does).

3 Reduce the time you last while bathing, the shower can use 6 to 15 liters of water per minute.

Watering can in operation.
Full washing machine.

4 Put as much clothing as you can in the washing machine. Half loads are inefficient, they use more water than necessary.

5 Repair leaky faucets, up to 15 liters of water can be wasted per day

Leaky faucet.
Flower watering can.

6 If you water the garden, try to do it with a watering can instead of a hose, a hose uses up to 1000 liters per hour. Also, watering at night minimizes evaporation.

7 In case you do not have a meter, it is advisable to have one to know exactly how much your water use is. For example: a non-saving shower for a 15-minute shower consumes approximately 200 liters of water, according to WHO data, we must use an average of 100 to 120 liters per person per day for all our services.

It is highly recommended to invest in water-saving products such as shower heads, faucets, toilets, washing machines and dishwashers, over time you will see the savings reflected both in the environment and in your payment receipt.