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Not all water is tasteless

It has always been said that the drinking water must be tasteless, odorless and colorless.

There are two errors in this statement. The first is that the term tasteless It is not accepted by the Royal Spanish Academy. The correct term is tasteless.

The second is in the content of the whole statement: it is not correct. The reality is that water tastes, smells, and has color.

As for the taste, the water tastes very different, depending on its origin. A water that comes from a lake, a river, a spring, a well, the rain or thaw does not taste the same.

Considering that drinking water contains practically no organic compounds, what is it that imparts flavor to it? They are the dissolved salts, which are also known as dissolved minerals. The flavor will depend on the type and concentration of these.

Dissolved minerals can be hardness, sodium, potassium, iron, bicarbonates, chlorides, hydroxides, sulfates ...

Currently, many of the bottled waters are treated with reverse osmosis. This process reduces the content of dissolved minerals and, therefore, not only makes it drinkable, but also produces water with a low salt content. It is a water with a different taste, which some describe as "light" (contrary to the taste of water with higher salinity).

It is common to hear or read claims that low-salt water is harmful to health. It is not like this. Many communities get all of their drinking water from rain or snowmelt, which is as low in salts as osmotized or distilled water. These communities do not have a lower life expectancy or any morbidity due to water. If their diet is adequate, they obtain the minerals they require from it.

On the other hand, it cannot be said that low-salt water is beneficial to health.

It is important not to confuse "taste" with "drinkability". Taste is a matter of taste; drinkability is an essential necessity.

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