Installation and maintenance service

Having your water treatment system installed by a professional is always recommended.

One of the main benefits of using a professional installer for your water system is the speed of training our staff has and avoiding a bad installation, which can lead to a loss of money and time in readjusting the system.

At Carbotecnia we are experts in water treatment, we design technical systems for our clients based on their needs, offering them the best results for their projects.


Changing granular media beds

We offer the correct installation and commissioning of all types of beds, based on the technical standards of recognized organizations, such as ANSI and AWWA.

Reverse osmosis maintenance

Reverse osmosis membranes require chemical treatment to remove deposits of carbonates, silica and organic matter, as well as the control of microorganisms that develop within them.

Installation and maintenance of:

Household purifiers.

Industrial filters.

Purifiers activated carbon

Reverse osmosis

Water softeners (water softeners)

Generators ozone

Ultraviolet light equipment.

Water treatment equipment that we handle

Activated Carbon Filtration Systems
Ultraviolet light equipment
Reverse osmosis systems
Industrial filters
Ozone generators
Softeners Equipment
Cartridge filter
Application services:

Residential water purifier systems
Commercial water treatment systems
Industrial Water Treatment Systems
Installation of drinkers, dispensers and bottle fillers.

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