We offer the service of reduction or removal of undesirable compounds in distillates such as tequila or mezcal, through adsorption on activated carbons.

These compounds can modify the desired profile, cause color, turbidity, flavor, aroma or other organoleptic effect, depending on their physicochemical characteristics.

Our service begins with the search for carbon or the mixture of activated carbons from a matrix of more than 50 types of the highest possible specificity, so that the adsorption of molecules that the client does not want to remove from the tequila is minimized.

To the tequila or distillate to be treated, fatty acids, aromas and unwanted colors can be reduced, furfural or phthalates can also be eliminated.
With this process it is also possible to produce crystalline tequilas from aged and extra aged.

To do the above, we generate samples that allow the client to choose the type of charcoal and the dose that he considers most appropriate. At this point, we can refine the search, in terms of types of carbon and dosage.

The service includes the development of the process application technique at an industrial level, the conformation of the treatment train equipment (not the equipment), the sizing of the same, execution of the treatment process and accompanying the client until achieving the objective.

* The technical service does not include the equipment or activated carbons required.

Beverages we can correct

  • Tequila
  • Mezcal
  • Whiskey
  • Anise
  • Ron
  • Vodka
  • Geneva
  • Brandy
  • Spirits and spirits


  • Remove or minimize the unwanted compound, affecting the profile of the tequila or distillate to be treated as little as possible.


  • Eliminate tequila losses down to the lowest levels achievable by state-of-the-art technologies (we estimate a decrease lower than 1%).


  • Provide a method of applying charcoal that is simple and does not require expensive equipment, procedures or labor.


  • Avoid the typical soiling generated by powdered coals.


  • By using coals that our company can reactivate, in case you want to recycle them. (more information from the reactivation here)

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