Purolite Ion Exchange Resins.

Purolite is a leading manufacturer of innovation for separation, purification, extraction and catalysis technology based on ion exchange resins.

With state-of-the-art production facilities and research laboratories around the world, it offers effective solutions, including ion exchange resins, APIs, excipients, agarose and synthetic chromatographic resins, catalysts, adsorbents, enzyme carriers and advanced specialty resins, which they improve the quality of almost all consumers.

Also in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and life science industries for over 30 years.

Purolite is dedicated to developing, manufacturing and commercializing resin technologies to support research, development and production scale applications in pharmaceuticals, bioprocessing, food production, fine chemicals, personal care and related products.

The product portfolio also includes resin-based technologies for biocatalysis, solid phase synthesis, affinity, and analytical chromatography and catalysis, as well as API, pharmaceutical grade grinding media, adsorbents, ion exchange resins.

Purolite has one of the largest resin platforms for specialty applications in the pharmaceutical industry. Purolite products are manufactured in ISO certified facilities in the UK, Romania, China and the USA.

API products, excipients and pharmaceutical grinding products are manufactured in dedicated FDA inspected facilities, cGMP, in Romania. With an R&D Center of Excellence in the UK and R&D labs in China, Moscow, Romania and the US.

They have scientists addressing the needs of today's industry and the challenges of tomorrow. With more than 40 global offices and 6 application labs, you have one goal: to provide the best solution for your application.

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