Zeosorb System - Clinoptilolite Zeolite for water treatment

Zeosorb system for the water purification and treatment process.
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Zeosorb is used in the drinking water purification and wastewater treatment process due to its large specific surface area and its select adsorption of substances such as ammonia, dissolved organic matter, and other cations. Additionally, Zeosorb has favorable hydraulic properties, which are the ability to filter large amounts of water. Compared to other adsorbents, Zeosorb is more stable, has better filter characteristics, is more accessible and economical.

Features and Benefits

  • Better filtering clarity
  • Increase flow in the gravity system
  • Increase flow in pressurized tank systems
  • Reduces capital required to increase filtration capacity
  • Fewer backwash cycles
  • Less backwash water
  • Higher load due to large surface area
  • Longer life span
  • Easy handling
  • Better cleaning


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