Viqua UV Hi-Flo SHF Commercial Industrial (170 to 183 GPM)

Viqua UV systems for high performance commercial and industrial use.

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Ultraviolet lamp SHF Viqua UV Hi-Flo line

Viqua Hi-Flo industrial UV disinfection systems meeting needs for flows from 170 to 183 gallons per minute with great efficiency, multi-lamp equipment for high demands. It includes features that will help your customers monitor system performance, including timers, lamp change reminders, and robust controls depending on flow rates.


Model GPM flow 30 mJ / cm3 GPM flow 40 mJ / cm3 Connection Chamber Length Energy consumption
SHF-140 170 107 3 ″ Flange 87 cm 320 W
SHF-180 183 137 3 ″ Flange 107 cm 400 watts
SHFM-140 170 107 3 ″ Flange 87 cm 320 W
SHFM-180 183 137 3 ″ Flange 107 cm 400 watts
SHFM models include UV sensor


The Hi-Flo supervised series incorporates a UV sensor * that detects the discrete 254 nm wavelength of the UV lamp. This information is transmitted to the Viqua controller and is the default indication in “UV output %”. The system indicates the UV output between 50 and 99 %.

* SHFM models only

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