Fleck 5600 Valve

Brand: Fleck

Model 5600 mechanical

Model 5600 SXT digital

Connections: 3/4 or adapter to 1 inch NPT

Thread at the base: 2.5 inches

For filter or softener up to 10 inches in diameter.

Flows (50 psi Inlet) - Valve alone without filter media.

Continuous (15 psi pressure drop): 20 gpm (75 lpm)

Maximum (25 psi pressure drop): 26 gpm (98 lpm)

CV (flow at 1 psi pressure drop): 5.0

Max. Backwash (25 psi pressure drop): 7 gpm (26 lpm)

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Fleck 5600 electro-mechanical valve for filter or softener.

Simple and easy to use mechanical design.

Two valve designs: one for downstream regeneration and one for upstream (quick access to all internal components).

Brine drain and injection modules, flow controls, and the injector removable from outside the valve.

Rugged timer engineered with heavy duty 3/8 ″ wide plastic gears

Easy to use and to program.

Non-corrosive valve body resistant to UV rays, reinforced with polymer fiber.

Choice of 7 or 12 day clock or softener regeneration on demand with a mechanical meter.

Economical and low annual energy consumption; activation of the piston and valve mechanics with a single motor.

Designed with double backwash.


  • Sediment filters
  • Softeners or descalers up to 10 ″
  • Deep bed filters up to 9 ″
  • Zeolite filters
  • Activated carbon purifiers
  • Multimedia filters

Data sheet

Fleck 5600 Valve

Fleck 5600SXT Valve

Service manual

5600 SXT Service Manual

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