Fleck 2900 Valve

Brand: Fleck

Model 2900

Connections: 2 ″ NPT

Valve Material: Bronze (Lead Free)

Thread at base: 2.5 ″

Flows (50 psi Inlet) - “Valve Only”

Continuous (15 psi pressure drop): 106 gpm (401 lpm)

Maximum (25 psi pressure drop): 140 gpm (530 lpm)

CV (flow at 1 psi pressure drop): 27.5

Max. Backwash (25 psi pressure drop): 25 gpm (94 lpm)

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  • It incorporates a system of 2 hydraulically balanced pistons to separate service flow and
  • regeneration
  • Provides great performance and versatility for commercial / industrial applications
  • To work in single or multiple tank systems
  • Backwash in softener tanks up to 30 ”diameter
  • 106 gpm continuous service flow
  • Available with 7 or 12 day clock, manual or meter
  • flow
  • Valve body in solid lead-free bronze for strength and durability
  • Water piston not hard

Valves for filters and water softeners

Data sheet

Fleck 2900

Service manual

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