Turbidex Zeolite

Turbidex is the latest generation in water filtration media.

Traditional sand and multimedia were successful for some water treatments, but industries that require near-pure water need a medium that performs better, as well as saving time and money.



Municipal Plants




Drinks and food

Manufacturing and maquila

Water treatment

Car wash


What is Turbidex?

Turbidex is a high surface area aluminosilicate mineral (Zeolite) that provides exceptional filtration of suspended solids. The macro porous nature of Turbidex allows filtration to 5 microns or microns in particle size.

Turbidex's uneven surface and extensive porosity make it the perfect filter media for any application where solids removal is essential to the process.


Hyperfiltration efficiency

With filtration efficiency in the 3-5 micron range, Tubidex performance results in cost savings for chemicals, filter cartridges, membrane cleaning, membrane life, etc.


Higher flow

With nominal service flows of up to 15 gpm / ft2 on pressure filters, Turbidex enables significant savings in upfront equipment costs compared to traditional multi-media media. Turbidex allows maximum flow rates up to 20 gpm / ft2 Turbidex.


Superior water clarity

Traditional sediment filtration media rely on mechanical stress to remove suspended solids to reduce turbidity. The Turbidex filter medium is not only due to its surface, but since it is porous it increases its filtering capacity, it acts a bit as an ion exchanger. Helps sedimentation and flocculation to produce crystal clear water down to <0.1 NTU turbidity.


Saving water

The loading capacity of Turbidex media is up to 1.5 times that of multi-media and up to 2.8 times that of sand filters. This results in longer run times with less frequent backwashing, resulting in significant water savings.


Light media

Weighing 50-70% less than traditional media, the use of Turbidex will result in substantial savings in freight or material movement or loading.


Easier to inventory and install

Placing a single medium instead of multiple mediums (sand, anthracite, garnet ...) simplifies ordering, shipping and storage. Loading media allows for quick and easy installation.


1st and 2nd generation filtration

1. Suspended solids are mechanically filtered with sedimentation at 12-30 microns.

2. Filtration often requires additional stages of filtration before it is suitable for use.



3rd generation filtration

1. Suspended solids are mechanically filtered with sedimentation, physical and electrostatic absorption, and 3-5 micron ion exchange.

2. The quality of the filtration often reduces the need for additional filtration of the water.

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