Trappsorb - Silica Removal

Granular medium to remove silica from water more efficiently than ion exchange resins, as well as removal of ammonia, boron, phosphorus, hydrogen sulfide, based on magnesium oxide.

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It is a very innovative adsorbent that allows the removal of silica and various other contaminants: phosphorus, hydrogen sulfide, ammonium, boron and suspended solids. Made using a proprietary process, it is made up of manganese oxide and calcium oxide in the purest form on the market. Its exterior surface and unique structure allow efficient removal of contaminants. It also allows the precipitation of heavy metals, which can be extracted by CRYSTOLITE or ZEOSORB , TRAPPSORB has a high alkalinity and allows a pH adjustment without chemical dosing. Finally, Trappsorb is the best option to enrich the water with magnesium and calcium.

The purest form of magnesium oxide now available to the water treatment industry. Trappsorb is an adsorbent in the form of beads composed of 99.99% MgO + CaO pure.

Trappsorb is a porous, amorphous form of Magnesium (MgO). Although it has the same chemical composition of granular products, it is radically different from others that are based on Magnesium due to its unique manufacturing process, providing a unique surface and structures and giving uniformity and macroscopic pores. In contrast to granular magnesium, Trapsorrb has large pores with a wide range of diameters. To ensure the quality of drinking water, all products in the adsorbent division are certified by the WQA to comply with ANSI / NSF 61.


  • Filtration of suspended solids.
  • Due to its high alkalinity, it is easy to control the pH without using chemicals.
  • Removes silica efficiently compared to ion exchange resins and membranes.
  • Effective phosphorus removal compared to other technologies available on the market.
  • Removal of CO2 and H2S, including ammonia in water and wastewater.
  • Corrosion control in municipal water networks without using corrosion inhibitors.
  • Simple process to enrich the water with Mg2 + ions for softening or saline.
  • Solution to incrustation problems in waste water tanks with its long-lasting pH and alkalinity control.

Trappsorb is safe and easy to handle as it is

  • No dangerous
  • Not toxic
  • Non corrosive
Thanks to Trappsorb, the silica concentration will be reduced in the inlet water to the membranes, which will generate savings in the dosage of antiscalant

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