Titansorb – Arsenic removal

High capacity adsorbent medium based on titanium dioxide to remove Arsenic from water.

Advanced, powerful and patented.

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TITANSORB is a powerful high capacity adsorbent for water purification.

Its granular titanium oxide base for the removal of arsenic and other heavy metals in drinking water. Due to Watch Water's advanced granulation process, TITANSORB® is one of the materials with the highest adsorption capacity on the market. TITANSORB® allows the removal of arsenic, lead, selenium, mercury and chromium, among other heavy metals.

Titansorb granules not only help separate water into H + and OH-, it is also a hydrophilic adsorbent, allowing water to flow easily while adsorbing contaminants such as arsenic, lead, selenium, and other elements, including bacteria, which makes it a perfect filter medium for water purification.


  • High capacity for adsorption of arsenic and other heavy metals
  • Operates in a wide pH range
  • High purity
  • High capacity
  • Economic costs
  • Does not require chemical regeneration
  • Simple system design
  • Simple manual or automatic systems
  • Simple starts
  • High speed kinetics
  • Contact time in empty bed between 0.5 and 3 minutes.

What is Titansorb?

General description

Titansorb is an advanced adsorbent that can remove arsenic, cadmium, copper, chromium (VI), lead, selenium, and other heavy metals, along with its superior bacteria-killing capabilities, making it an ideal medium to produce clean water.

Titansorb's proprietary formula is used for commercial, public, bottling, and mineral waters. Titansorb has additional benefits over currently used adsorbents that are made from aluminum or iron hydroxide. Titansorb has a high rate of mass transfer kinetics, which results in very short empty bed contact times. The shorter the contact time in an empty bed, the lower the equipment costs. Titansorb granules are so strong that the system exhibits almost no pressure drops.

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