LG reverse osmosis membranes RO

High production or high rejection reverse osmosis membranes.

Product images are illustrative and may vary from the physical product.

Reverse osmosis LG membranes

LG BW 4040 ES membrane, 4 ”x 40” Low pressure
LG BW 4040 R membrane, 4 ″ x 40 ″ High rejection
LG BW 400 ES 8 ″ x 40 ″ membrane, Low pressure
LG BW 400 R 8 ″ x 40 ″ membrane, High rejection
LG SW 400 R membrane, 8 ″ x 40 ″, Seawater

LG Chem NanoH brackish water, reverse osmosis and seawater membranes2O ™ lower water treatment costs by improving energy efficiency and productivity. These thin film nanocomposite (TFN) membranes are made up of beneficial nanomaterials that have been incorporated into the polyamide layer. This proprietary technology by LG significantly increases the permeability of the membrane making it comparable to the best in class in terms of rejection of salts.

  • Excellent flow and rejection of salts
  • Ideal for low energy applications
  • Easy to retrofit existing reverse osmosis plants


BW 400 ES
BW 4040 ES
BW 4040 R
SW 400 R

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