Purolite Mix Resine

Purolite A400 MBOH mixed resin, Resin for demineralization of water and mixed bed.

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What are mixed resins?

Nuclear grade products are used in ultra-pure water, radiation waste, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, and condensate polishing. The mixed beds of ion exchange resins are used in processes where it is necessary to remove all the anions and cations that are not necessary in a water treatment process. The high grade of nuclear resins ensure that the processed water is in fact of the highest quality 18.3 megohms (0.55 µS cm-1) *.

Mixed resins are composed of strong base type 1 anion and strong acid cation, both in the regenerated form mixed to a 1: 1 chemical equivalent. There are other relationships at the request of the client. Mixed bed resins can be used for regenerative or non-regenerative (cartridge) systems. Mixed-bed nuclear resins are processed without flocculating agents to ensure that the quality obtained is nothing less than the best.

Purolite mixed bed resins:

Data sheet
Purolite A400 MBOH, Resin for demineralization and mixed bed.

Typical physical and chemical characteristics:

Polymeric structure
Polystyrene gel cross-linked with divinylbenzene
Spherical beads
Functional group
Type I Quaternary Ammonium
Ionic form
Total capacity
1.3 eq / L (28.4 Kgr / ft³) (Cl form)
Moisture retention
48 - 54 %
Particle size range
300 - 1200 µm
<425 µm (max.)
2 %
Uniformity coefficient (max.)
Reversible swelling, Cl OH (max.)
20 %
Specific gravity
Shipping Weight (Approx.)
665 - 695 g / L (41.6 - 43.4 lb / ft³)
Temperature limit
100 ° C (212.0 ° F) (Cl form)
Temperature limit
60 ° C (140.0 ° F) (OH form)

Data sheet

Dow Marathon Mixed MR-3

Purolite mixed resin NRW-37

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