E.SYBOX Domestic Pressurizer System | E.SYBOXmini

E.SYBOX variable speed residential pressurizer system.

Code Model Description
P_161104 E.SYBOX220 E.Sybox 2.1 HP 1/60 / 220V pressure system
P_161105 E.SYBOXMINI E.Sybox 1 HP 1/60 / 115V pressure system

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E.SYBOX is a patented domestic pressurizer system, unique in its category, in addition to offering high performance, it is efficient, compact and easy to use for the installer and the end user.

Thanks to these characteristics, E.SYBOX is the most sophisticated and ergonomic water pressurization system for domestic and residential use.


First of all, E.SYBOX is an electronic system equipped with inverter technology, which allows the use of energy to be in accordance with the requirements of water use, thus reducing the waste of water and energy, which is translates into considerable financial savings.


The new electronic pressure transducer with temperature sensor developed by DAB, together with a flow sensor positioned at the pump outlet, send the necessary signals to the equipment card for proper system control.

The internal connections were designed to minimize dimensions, ensuring that the equipment is compact and easy to maintain.
The equipment includes an expansion tank with a capacity of 2 liters, is certified to be used with potable water and does not require maintenance.
The new liquid-cooled engine is highly resistant to corrosion. This makes it possible for the equipment to be installed in a recess.
Allows the equipment to be installed horizontally and vertically. It is easily removable for maintenance.
E.SYBOX includes a protection that prevents ice from forming inside, since the system is activated when the temperature reaches a specific cold point.

Each component has been developed to give maximum performance with minimum effort, providing innovation in the service of simplicity. All this within a cabinet of Italian design.

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