Portinox FMICL-1000A-2B-1H-1LL 3 Stations Drinking Fountain

Portinox FMICL-1000A-2B-1H-1LL 3 anti-vandalism drinking fountain.

Drinking fountain with three intakes (one with height for a wheelchair) and bottle filler.

For elementary and high school.

Dimentions: 1265 x 470 x 950 mm

Tapping heights:

Sides at 82 cm

Central at 97.5 cm

Product images are illustrative and may vary from the physical product.

Island drinking fountian with 3 water stations and a bottle filler.

It can include a Water Treatment System for 3 users (1 drinking fountain, 1 station for people in wheelchairs and 1 bottle filler) made of EN-10088 /1.4301 (AISI 304) 18 gauge stainless steel. Surface finish: Satin-Bright.

• Composed of: Central body formed by 2 separate concentric envelopes

internally by high-density injected polyurethane that favors the robustness of the sprue,

1 special depth sink for the disabled coupled to the main body.

• Depth of the sinks: ~ 40 mm.

• Vandal-proof, anti-twist and barrier stainless steel water spout nozzle


• Fill bottles with anti-splash and anti-spill system.

• Anti-vandalism button.

• Registration door with hidden screws.

• Inlet: Threaded, NPT 1/2 ””

• Outlet: Flexible hose with a diameter of ø25 mm.

• Fastening to the ground with screws

• Net Weight: 39.6 kg

• Raised grid at the bottom of the bottle filler that allows the bottle to be supported without obstructing the drain.

• Bottle filling nozzle with a system that avoids the connection of a hose.

• Anchoring system of the door in the furniture that allows its opening but not its withdrawal or fall.

• Rounded edges to avoid cuts.

• It may include a water purification device: 5μm (microns) compacted polypropylene resin prefilter + 0.2 µm membrane purifier to reduce bacteria, sediments and chlorine. Approved by COFEPRIS to comply with the NOM 244 standard

• 100% vandal resistant drinker.

Data sheet

Portinox FMICL-1000A-2B-1H-1LL with 3 ports


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