Big Bubba Non-Metallic Filter Housings Watts

Filter Housings Big Bubba

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Big Bubba Filter Housing (Non-metallic)

Sturdy construction

The housings filter are made of tough fiberglass reinforced polypropylene so they won't chip, rust or dent. And because all wet surfaces are not metallic, they are ideal when chemical compatibility is an issue and for applications in seawater or very humid locations.

Low cost

Filters are a more economical option over stainless steel filtration equipment due to their non-metallic construction and the current high cost of stainless steel!

Big Bubba® cartridge filters are ideal for a wide range of applications, including:

• Whole house filtration.

• Commercial filtration.

• Industrial filtration.

• Prefiltration for reverse osmosis equipment.

• Community water systems.

• Seawater applications due to its non-corrosive construction.

• Replacement for bag filters plus filter area

• Replacement for multiple cartridge filters for added convenience

• Water for livestock and poultry.

Parallel installation

Parallel installations are recommended to achieve high flow rates, when installing filters in a common manifold, feeding all filters installed in a row

Series installation

Series installations are recommended for surface water or double filtration applications, where you can fit cartridges with different micron grades.


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