Pacific Ozone PC Portable ozone generators

High capacity industrial mobile ozone.

  • Ideal for all types of industrial applications.
  • It can be connected at the point of use where water disinfection is required instantly.

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Portable ozone equipment for surface disinfection.

Ozone is often the oxidant and disinfectant of choice for a wide range of process applications. These applications include viral, bacterial, and parasitic disinfection, removal of taste and odor causing compounds, destruction of organic matter, and coagulation or oxidation of inorganic impurities such as iron, manganese, and sulfides.

Detecting the importance of ozone in water treatment, Pacific Ozone Company developed a line of mobile ozone equipment (PC ozone series) to facilitate the use and dosage of ozone in industrial applications.

The PC series ozone equipment was originally developed for the wine industry, typically used for washing tanks and barrels, disinfecting surfaces and pipes among other applications. However, due to their versatility, the ozones for water of the PC series can be used in different sectors of the industry. In the applications section you will find some examples of the use of portable ozone equipment.


Manufacture of beverages:

Production of purified water.

Keep process facilities clean.

Disinfection of tanks, equipment and surfaces.

Washing of bottles and caps.

Laboratories and pharmaceutical grade products:

Production of high purity water.

Disinfection of tanks and pharmaceutical grade systems.

Cleaning of surfaces and laboratory equipment.

Food processing:

Disinfection of equipment and surfaces.

Disinfection of meat and seafood.

Disinfection of fresh fruits and products.


Incoming water treatment.

Management and disinfection of wastewater.

Product processing.

Industrial processes:

Industrial water production.

Treatment of cooling water and boilers.

Disinfection of equipment and surfaces.

Industrial laundries.

Disinfection of swimming pool surfaces.

Pool deck washing.

Disinfection of shower areas, handrails, equipment and furniture with ozonated water.

PC3 ozones offer portable, safe and efficient disinfection in any industrial process.

  • Laptop: The mobility of PC3 ozones allows ozone dosing at various sites inside and outside a company.
  • Safe: It's safe enough to wash pool equipment, storage tanks, and more without special protective gear.
  • Efficient: It replaces sanitization and disinfection with hot water, steam and chemicals, saving water, energy and time.


  • Easy and fast to use.
  • Mobile, resistant and safe design.
  • Operation on demand.
  • Visual indicator of ozone output.
  • Simple to use and control to program.
  • Automatic water flow switch.
  • Ideal to complement existing water treatment plants.


  • Industrial type mobile design.
  • They can dose between 18 and 30 gr / hr of ozone depending on the model.
  • They include oxygen concentrator and air compressor.
  • They include an injection booster pump.
  • They have an Ozone destruction system for gas handling and a backflow safety system with a drain valve.
  • Its control panel has full instrumentation.

Operating requirements:

All PC Series models have the following operational requirements:

  • Electrical requirement: 115V or 230V, 50 or 60Hz, 1 phase 30A circuit, all models.
  • Water flow: 4-50 gpm (15 to 189 lpm).
  • Water pressure range: 20-30 psi (1.4-2.1 bar).

Available models

PC series
Portable Ozone System, 30 g / hr, On / Off Control, in 115/230 volts, 60 Hz
Portable Ozone System, 30 g / hr, Proportional Control, 115/230 volts, 60 Hz
Portable Ozone System, 18 g / hr, On / Off Control, in 115/230 volts, 60 Hz
Portable Ozone System, 18 g / hr, Proportional Control, 115/230 volts, 60 Hz

Ozones Pacific Ozone PC.

The mobility of the PC Series provides ozone wherever it is needed, at multiple sites within a single facility, or even at multiple locations for various applications.

Water inlet
Pump casing
Ozone generator
Ozone destroyer
Water outlet

Mobile ozone in action, watch this 30 sec video. how easy it is to use:

See the components of portable ozone in the following video:

Data sheet

Pacific Ozone PC Ozone Portable


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