Ozone Apel A-4 of 0.4 gr / h

Corona discharge ozone, 0.4 gr / h, with air dryer / 1.3 gr / h with O2 oxygen

Input voltage: 120 Vots

Dimensions: 30 x 25 x 15 cm

Ozone output: 0.4 gr / h, with dry air,

Applications: Water purifiers, small treatment plants, hotels, SPA,

Product images are illustrative and may vary from the physical product.

Ozone generator for water Apel

Ambient air driven by a pump enters a manual air dryer. This dryer contains a material called silica gel, which serves to retain moisture. an indicator that it is working properly is the color change. Silica gel is blue when dry, and when wet, a pink to orange color is observed; some of the time we will see white.

It is very important to regenerate this silica gel to avoid the creation of nitric acid inside the quartz tube. To regenerate the silica gel, it is enough to heat it slowly to a temperature between 180 ° and 100 ° C. When heating the silica gel it will change back to its blue color. The dry air feeds the ozone generation chamber, which generates the spark with a high voltage discharge, provided by a coil controlled by an electronic card.

Once the ozone is generated, it leaves the equipment through a hose until it reaches a diffuser that will evenly distribute the ozone bubble in the water.

The equipment has been designed for disinfection applications where the equipment hose with its diffuser can be placed in a container with water.


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